KP Tourism Police? – a ridiculous perception.

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.. by Prof. R.K Baig

The? government of Khyber Pakhtonkhwa has framed a Tourism policy according to the manifesto of PTI to restructure the outdated one and has made a number of so called reforms as they think the better measures to? revamp this sector? under supervision? of the Minister of Tourism. But as the saying goes ? old is gold?. There were so many good points of the old ? Mountaineering rules and regulations? framed in a booklet that despite certain demerits it was a very good document. The bad ones were the imposition of high royalty fee, poor implementation of the rules regarding porters, lack of facilities for the climbers etc. but the good ones were much more and one of them was the balance of permits between the peaks of Karakoram and Hindu Kush as the team was given two options as where it would like to climb but in the policy under consideration of TC KP? nothing has been finalized and there are no official rules to be accessed by potential climbers and tour operators.

The minister concerned made a number of foreign visits and met tourism offices, tour operators, conferences and policy makers in the west as well as in the east and gleaned a good volume of information about the expanding tourism field? and decided to sift the info and select a number of points that are thought suitable for our country. The study was informative but the selection was negative and had many irrelevant things that are incompatible with our culture? such as certain things that are in the background of the tourism policy of countries like Thailand and some western states. Where there? is a good component of sex to attract tourism but this is totally against our Faith and culture. What they have allowed in Thailand cannot be allowed here. It has been discussed weeks back.

The other innovation is the introduction of Tourism police system. This is a big blunder and? very bad approach and has got many demerits but no merit. Our police is already unpopular in the public and despite their observance of their duties police are not in the good book of the people. Their role in tourism, in the light of the past many years in Chitral when armed constables drove a single tourist from? one point to another, adding to unnecessary charge from his budget, shed the impression that that particular tourist is under arrest and not allowed to roam about as he had envisaged? at the beginning? of his tour at the time of his/her departure. In the old rules of PTDC there was no idea of such a policing system and the number of tourists and expeditions increased each? year. Cf. the figures of the years before 1990. Many have helped? drug addict tourists. Many of the tourists who come here are drug seeking tourists and take this destination as one of the ideal one so they come only for that purpose. The role of police in this case becomes complicated and sends negative message.

The idea? of introduction of Tourism police for helping? or promoting or encouraging potential tourists will give the message that there still exists a threat to the lives of visitors and thus they foster suspicion about their safety. This measure especially in the two districts of Chitral will surely create misgivings in the minds of potential visitors and will compel them to rethink about their destination. You are already making efforts to show that our country is now fit for safe tourism but your inclusion of police in the fragile business creates misgivings. Reconsider it, return this idea to the country from where you have borrowed it. Make good arrangements for uninterrupted tourist movement in all parts of the region and take back the curse of restricted and open Zone? division.

It is inadvisable to squander the meager resources allocated for promotion of Tourism in KP on an exercise that has no positive but dark side in its history. The same amount could be utilized to provide facilities to foreign and domestic tourists like leveling the shingle roads in the distant valleys where for poor road condition smaller vehicles cannot go, widening the narrow mountain roads in the hilly areas of Malakand and Hazara? divisions, designing camping grounds for tourists, improving the tracks to the Base Camps of? renowned peaks such as Terich Mir, Saraghrar,? Kotgaz, Booni Zom,? Akher Chioh, Kohe- Baba Tangi etc. for safe trek of the trekkers/ climbers and their porters to those destinations. Terich Mir, the highest peak in KP, has been ignored altogether and is not in the priority list? of the previous meetings of TC KP.

The involvement of police in the sensitive tourism management sector is too dangerous than helpful. This is a calculated step to bring? disrepute to the already fragile guest protocol and entertainment sector that wants to get an industry status but who will allow that force to intervene inside his industrial installations? Your are spreading an impression among the potential guests that your life is insecure here and by use of police services we want to save your lives. Will you like police to interfere with your itinerary while travelling in another country.? Is police escort not an embarrassing intervention? Though the system of policing has been reformed but the minds and attitude of the personal has not changed noticeably. .. Prof. Rahmat Karim Baig, Chitral 07 Nov 2019

One of it’s kind: Dacoits protest against police

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Chitral: In a uniquely weird case, dacoits and bandits staged a demonstration against police ‘high handedness’ in the town of Gotki in Sindh province. The outlying areas of the province have long being known for being home to dacoits, but the case of dacoits protesting against the police could be a unique case in the world. The dacoits armed with rocket launchers and automatic weapons accused the police of demanding extortion money from them and on refusal kill them in fake police encounters. The urdu newspaper report cutting pasted below may be of an earlier date but it shows the standard of governance in Pakistan in general and in the remote areas of Sindh and Balochistan in particular. .. CN report, 01 May 2019

Police stage extreme weather anti terrorist mock exercise in Chitral

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Mock exercise was carried out at 9,000 feet height for ensuring protection of foreign tourists. PHOTO: EXPRESS

Mock exercise was carried out at 9,000 feet height for ensuring protection of foreign tourists. PHOTO: EXPRESS

PESHAWAR:?Chitral policemen fought against extreme cold weather at 9,000 feet high mountaintop during an anti-terrorism mock exercise, held to ensure protection of foreign tourists on Friday.

The mock exercise, led by Chitral police chief Muhammad Furqan Bilal on the directives of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa IGP, was held on a mountaintop in Aurait Gul ? where many foreign nationals are working on several different projects.

With limited resources available, the police personnel carried out the exercise at the mountain peak, which is situated at approximately 9,000 feet above sea-level.

Chitral DPO Muhammad Furqan Bilal told?The Express Tribune?that the exercise will help train the force dealing with rescue mission in case of emergency. ?Protection of every foreigner is our prime responsibility,? he added.

Bilal said efforts are being made to further improve performance of Chitral police by arming them with modern weapons so they can best perform their duty of protecting foreigners.

Video courtesy: Sajid Tasveerography

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Marked improvement seen in police attitude in Chitral

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Chitral: Police is one institution representing the government which the public comes across frequently in daily life. If nothing else, you have to meet policemen at barricades and traffic checkpoints. Attitude of the police is keenly observed by the public and impression is formed thereupon.

The imperial style of rule was to present the police as an entity to be feared just for nothing. No earlier government in Pakistan has tried before to present the civilised image of police to the public where upon seeing a policeman a law abiding person feels more secure rather than get scared.

In Chitral, lately a marked improvement in the attitude of the policeman on duty whether at the police station or at the security check posts has been observed. It may be because of positive instructions and personal example by the local Police commander, and the overall police reforms in the province. Whatever the reason, the change is positive. A courteous police is a pleasant surprise for the law abiding citizen while the criminal should find the police stern and unforgiving?.. CN report, 13 Nov 2018

Brep residents protest police partiality in murder case

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?.. By Gul Hamaad? Farooqi

Chitrall: A large number of men and women including children protested against the partial attitude of Station House Officer (SHO) police station Mastuj. The angry protesters burnt tires and blocked Broghul road for traffic. A public meeting was also held at Brep under the chair of Afsar Khan. During the public meeting a unanimous resolution was also passed by the participants. Through the unanimous resolution they demanded for inquiry against the SHO Mastuj Shafee Shifa. They alleged that Aslam Baig was killed by his wife Zajua Bebi and a police constable Shahabul Ameen who is serving in Chitral police on 14th?April 2017. They said that the accused Shahabul Ameen also confessed in presence of civil witnesses and police investigation staff. Zakia later on married with Shahabul Ameen after killing of her husband.

They said that at very early stage SHO pressurized and threatened our eye witnessed that he will get their physical remand and FIR will be lodged against them. As a result they feared and hesitate to produce in court for witness. Speakers on the occasion the speakers said that SHO Mastuj arrested Hidayat Khan Subadar retired and kept him in lockup for 24 hour days. They alleged that when we were on our way to attend the case in court SHO stopped Hidayat Khan and raided on his house for searching as a result he could not attend the court. He got signatures on blank papers from witness and later on he mentioned wrong statement.

They said that SHO trying of his best to weakened our case on the pressure of some politicians and they gestures toward MPA Sardar Hussain. They said that concern SHO harassing the family of deceased Aslam Baig and supporting his killer Shabul Ameen because the accused is also police constable.

They said that SHO concern demanded for vehicle from the aggrieved family for investigation team and we pay 35000 rupees for transport. As well as SHO manipulated statement of witnesses to weak our case. ?They said that accused Shahab walking in their village and still threatening to Purdoom Khan father of Aslam Baig (late). Through a unanimous resolution they demanded from the chief justice of Pakistan for taking suo moto action in this regard because lives of the aggrieved family still under threat because the accused is a police employee and supported by police.

In this connection this scribe also contacted District Police Officer Chitral Capt Mansoor Aman., who called SHO Mastuj and aggrieved party along with investigation officer. He listened their grievances and conducted a departmental inquiry in this regard under supervision of SP Noor Jamal. DPO assured father of Aslam Baig late for each and every possible support in this regard. He also confirmed that Shabul Ameen has been suspended from his service and he would be bound to never threaten father of late Aslam Baig? DPO assured that if it was proved that police has got Rs 35000 from the father of Aslam Baig action would be taken against the police staff and the amount will be returned to Purdoom Khan back.

Talking to this scribe Purdoom Kahn, Sub Hidayat Khan,? Mir Rahim and Purdom Baig? of Brep thanked DPO and expressed their satisfaction on the departmental inquiry. .. GH Farooqi,? 30 Jan 2018

Police recovers hashish, local spirit, arrests peddlers

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Chitral police has recovered six kilograms of hashish and 30 liters of locally brewed spirit and arrested two drug peddlers namely Muhammad Ilyas and Samiullah from Broze village of Chitral Tehsil.