Marked improvement seen in police attitude in Chitral

Chitral: Police is one institution representing the government which the public comes across frequently in daily life. If nothing else, you have to meet policemen at barricades and traffic checkpoints. Attitude of the police is keenly observed by the public and impression is formed thereupon.

The imperial style of rule was to present the police as an entity to be feared just for nothing. No earlier government in Pakistan has tried before to present the civilised image of police to the public where upon seeing a policeman a law abiding person feels more secure rather than get scared.

In Chitral, lately a marked improvement in the attitude of the policeman on duty whether at the police station or at the security check posts has been observed. It may be because of positive instructions and personal example by the local Police commander, and the overall police reforms in the province. Whatever the reason, the change is positive. A courteous police is a pleasant surprise for the law abiding citizen while the criminal should find the police stern and unforgiving?.. CN report, 13 Nov 2018

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