Fokker Friendship restaurant re-opens

Published on: 28/04/2019 | Comments: 1 comment 

Chitral: The Fokker Friendship restaurant which was sealed by the district administration on Saturday was reopened on Sunday. The owner Shahzada Capt Siraj Ul Mulk in a facebook post said that it was made possible due to the intervention of the Commissioner Malakand Division. He also apologized to the Deputy Commissioner for having used any harsh words in moments of anger over being hurt. Captain Siraj also thanked the Chitrali people for supporting him in defending his cause. .. CN report, 2019

A new, quality restaurant opens in Chitral

Published on: 24/11/2018 | Comments: 5 comments 

Chitral: One big observation of visitors to Chitral has always been about the lack of decent restaurants in the town. Though the bazars are littered with small eateries, some even cooking delicious meals but the absence of a proper and decent environment where families could go and dine has always been felt. Maybe with the commissioning of a new restaurant meeting all requirements of a good facility, will address this problem to a great extent.

The ‘Fokker Friendship Restaurant’, a garden restaurant, the very first of its kind in Chitral , which had been named after the Dutch Fokker aircraft which served the people of the area for over 50 years until it was phased out by PIA who owned a fleet of a dozen such aircrafts. One Fokker Friendship AP-AUR got grounded in Chitral in 2004 and now sits among fruit trees in this restaurant proudly looking at the people visiting the restaurant. Local people take off their shoes when entering the small door of AP-AUR as a mark of respect for it.

Fokker Restaurant is run by Hindukush Heights . It is located on the Balach road opposite the Chitral airport. Emphasis is on quality food and snacks at an affordable price in a hygienic and picturesque surrounding. Email CN report, 24 Nov 2018