Chitral village bans dowry, extravagance on weddings

Published on: 04/02/2022 | Comments: 1 comment 

CHITRAL: In a welcome move the elders of the flung away village of Laspur announced that demand or provision of dowry to the bride at the time of wedding shall take place more. this was decided at a meeting of the elders prominent figures of the area. the meeting also decided not to allow extravagance and show offs on the occasion of weddings.

It may be noted that the culture of dowry is a big curse for the society and parents of girls are often under undue pressure due to this financial burden. One cause of corruption by any one who can, is the compulsion to meet this cultural convention at the time of marriage of their children.

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The decree of the villagers of Laspur for their area may apply only to their village but it is a big message for all, as wastry, extravagance and the culture of show off is the root cause of many avertible evils. .. CN report, 04 Feb 2022, (Photo courtesy Chitral Updates )

Divisional Commissioner makes challenging promises to Chitralis

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CHITRAL: The Divisional Commissioner Malakand Division Riaz Khan Mehsud during his extensive official stay in Chitral has kindled hope in the hearts of the Corona beaten Chitralis, by making optimistic but rather challenging promises.

The first promise which he made in Bumburet that a road of the standard of Islamabad roads would be built between Chitral town and Bumburet is very difficult to digest. Even the Lowari pass road and internal main roads of Chitral which are more important than the Kalash valley road, despite taking years of having seen such high flying promises by even heads of state and governments are still in shambles and can hardly be called decent roads, let alone be Capital standard roads. With such a background one can only take the promise of the Commissioner with a pinch of salt.

The other powerful promise the Commissioner made was while addressing the Chamber of Commerce in Chitral in which he said that sec 144 has been imposed and timber logging of all kinds is completely banned in the division. This claim again should be seen keeping in view past promises made by even more powerful representatives of various governments on the issue but most of the time sooner than later such orders have gone into the pantry and business as usual has resumed with fresh vigour in the deforestation sector.

We must admit that mafias in Pakistan are too strong to be bridled by the government. Whether it be the sugar mafia, the wheat mafia, the electricity mafia, the traders mafia, the timber mafia, the religious mafia, even the Unions mafia in every state organisation, you name it and they have proven stronger than the government over time.

Until and unless the system is changed and a Presidential system followed eventually by a Meritocracy system is put in place, the country will continue to bleed, no matter who comes and who goes.  .. CN report, 26 June 2020


Why does Ramazan discipline vanish soon after the holy month?

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Chitral: A perfect example of discipline and order is the month of Ramazan for the muslims. Everything from waking up predawn to stop eating and drinking water immediately at break of dawn, abstinence from sex and all other carnal desires during the whole day is observed with clockwork discipline. Prayers are offered at exact time and even the lengthy taraweeh night prayers have a precise timing which every one abides by.

However, what happens to all the restraint and discipline once the holy month is over? This is a point to ponder. Is it that the restrictions observed by the faithful in the month of of Ramazan are only superficial and do not have a bearing on their inner beliefs? Is it that those who preach religion fail to imbibe the discipline and the spirit of Ramazan? in day to day lives of the people. The religious scholars, preachers and leaders should put their heads together and think about where the lapse lies. Why is it that Muslims being gifted with such solid guidelines are always (mostly) found astray in daily lives? .. CN report, 08 May 2019

Senate Elections: The ‘dirty dancing’ of Pakistani politics

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Senate seats should be sold in open auction

Chitral: Each time the phase of Senate elections in Pakistan come up, tales of horse trading, vote buying and selling, cheating and display of moral turpitude present in our political entity come to the limelight. Elections to the Senate of Pakistan, as they are tailored and conducted are a fine example of the failing of democracy.

Outright sale/purchase of votes has but become the essential in Senate elections as is experienced over the decades; with the only difference being that the rate of buying /selling votes keeps escalating with each elections. During the current elections, the price of one vote has hiked to as much as Rs 500 million in one case in Balochistan according to a senior TV anchorperson. The price here does not matter, but the fact the votes are being traded outrightly is a big blemish on the face of democracy as it is in Pakistan.

Most unfortunate part of the episode is that no attempt was made to amend the election laws for the senate in the last five years, even by parties claiming to be fighting to bring about change.

Keeping in mind that votes are being sold and bought anyway, but done so behind the curtain,?It would be far better to sell the senate seats to the highest bidder in an open auction and deposit the money in the government treasury. At least the government treasury would benefit instead of unscrupulous individuals selling their votes clandestinely.? .. CN Editorial, 10 Feb 2018

Presentation on Meritocracy as an alternate to electoral democracy

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Let’s give Meritocracy a chance

Chitral .. A presentation on ‘Meritocracy as an alternative to democracy’ was held in Chitral. The presentation was largely attended by Political leaders, intellectuals, educationists, Doctors, lawyers and civil society members. The popularity of the subject of the presentation can be gauged from the fact that according to the president press club it was the largest event so far held at the press club both in terms of quality and quantity.

Presenting his proposed transfer from the existing electoral democracy to the new system of Meritocracy, Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah first compared the two systems and counted the blessings of meritocracy. He quoted Singapore as an example which has a per capita income of 61000 USD. At the time when Lee Kuan Yew took over the Presidentship and introduced the system of Meritocracy, Singapore’s per capita income was only 1100 USD. ?The present per capita income of Pakistan is a mere 5500 USD. The magical transformation of Singapore from an ordinary outland with an area less than half that of Chitral District, was due to the magic of managing it through Meritocracy, he said.

Elaborating his proposed system of government he said the basic logic behind it is to eliminate the electoral system of voting by individuals to form a government and replacing it with appropriate persons selected through competitive exams tailor made for the respective positions. He said just like introducing the NTS system of selection in KP has given a chance to the poor but capable persons to get into government jobs, similarly the system of Meritocracy will give a chance to the poor but capable people to become public representatives right from the president of the country down to the village Councillor level.

He said Meritocracy is in full conformity with the Golden principles of Islam as much as it is in conformity with the principles of socialism. A best of both the worlds system. a person selected through Meritocracy will not be detracted and blackmailed by political forces and can perform his duties whole heatedly.

He clarified that a strong accountability system is the pillar of the new dispensation and the accountability institution should be parallel to the president, not under him. This institution should have it’s authoritative offices down to the district level to keep an eye on performance of persons appointed on positions through Meritocracy.
Wg Cdr Fardad said with full conviction that Meritocracy is the system of the future that will replace electoral democracy world over. It is only a matter of time. Let Pakistan be the pioneer of this new benevolent system for the world, he said. .. CN report, 24 Aug 2017