Why does Ramazan discipline vanish soon after the holy month?

Chitral: A perfect example of discipline and order is the month of Ramazan for the muslims. Everything from waking up predawn to stop eating and drinking water immediately at break of dawn, abstinence from sex and all other carnal desires during the whole day is observed with clockwork discipline. Prayers are offered at exact time and even the lengthy taraweeh night prayers have a precise timing which every one abides by.

However, what happens to all the restraint and discipline once the holy month is over? This is a point to ponder. Is it that the restrictions observed by the faithful in the month of of Ramazan are only superficial and do not have a bearing on their inner beliefs? Is it that those who preach religion fail to imbibe the discipline and the spirit of Ramazan? in day to day lives of the people. The religious scholars, preachers and leaders should put their heads together and think about where the lapse lies. Why is it that Muslims being gifted with such solid guidelines are always (mostly) found astray in daily lives? .. CN report, 08 May 2019

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