Load shedding: Chitralis revert to use of glacial snow-ice

Published on: 04/06/2018 | Comments: 1 comment 

Chitral : Despite having excessive amount of electricity being generated from the Golen Gol Powerhouse, Chitral town is being subjected to five hour of unscheduled haphazard load shedding. The reason is not known as is the inability of the administration to address the issue.

Chitralis have reverted to the age old reliable source of snow-ice from the Lowari pass and the Terichmir glaciers. It is simply a matter of shame that producing many times over surplus electric power the consumers are condemned to rude outage shocks sometime right at sehri and Iftari time.

The riddle has not been solved as to why this happens and speaks of the lack of effective governance in the affairs of Pakistan where any department which has the nuisance value card uses it with impunity and there is no body to check it. .. GH Farooqi, Chitral 04 Jun 2018