Demand for public execution of child rapists grows

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Chitral: After the recent incident of a ten year old girl being kidnapped, raped,murdered? and dumped in the forest in Islamabad, there has been an almost unanimous outcry for immediate public execution of such criminals.

public hanging for rapists
Public hanging for rapists

In Pakistan there is seven years prison for a rape crime which virtually amounts to encouraging the crime. Child rape, the most heinous of crimes is becoming common in Pakistan for the simple reason that the punishment is so lenient.

Some time ago another such case occurred in the Qasur town of Punjab. The culprit was apprehended with much difficulty and although eventually sentenced to death for murder, but no body saw the punishment being executed, thus the deterrent effect went missing from the punishment. Ever since more such cases have happened.

The purpose of punishment should be to teach a lesson to the people that crime cannot escape punishment in proportion to it’s severity. Merely taking the life of the criminal in the dark hours as is the practice (when rarely death penalty is executed), does not serve any purpose. Punishment should be loud and clear.

Beheading, stoning or hanging should be minimum punishment for such heinous criminals of humanity and such punishment should be executed in a public place and broadcasted on television. Only then will human rights be safeguarded against those who grossly violate human rights misusing the criminal flaw in the law. .. CN report, 25 May 2019

District admin holds public forums in Upper Chitral

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Chitral: The residents piled up complaints against various departments during public forums (Khuli Kutchehries) in several villages of Upper Chitral on Sunday.

Deputy Commissioner Irshad Sodhar held open Kutchehries at Rech, Khot, Warijun and Shagram villages to learn and address the issues being faced by people.

People of these areas told the official about the absence of doctors at the local hospitals since long. Residents also complained about the dilapidated condition of the hospital?s building and lack of facilities in the hospitals.

They complained about poor infrastructure and pitiable irrigation system in respective areas. Irregularities in electricity supply after the completion of Golen Gol hydropower project were also discussed on the occasion.

People also denounced poor cellular phone service, shortage of edibles at the utility stores and non-availability of playground at Warijun area. High fees in a Rural Health Centre established by the Aga Khan Health Service were also criticised.

The dwellers complained about non-provision of compensation to the landowners during the construction of Booni-Buzand road. Upgrading of the Government High School in Khot village was deplored.

The deputy commissioner was asked to probe embezzlement of fund in a water supply scheme executed by the Public Health Engineering Department.

The complainants asked the official to hand over Zang Lasht-Ujno road to Communication and Works Department and construct a bridge at Ujno.

Speaking on the occasion, DC Irshad Sodhar said that arranging such open kutchehries was meant to learn and resolve public issues. ?Booni-Thorkhow road project is a challenge for me,? he said and directed the assistant commissioner Mastuj to hold a camp at Torkhow to provide domiciles, certificates, police career certificates and other documents so that people do not need to go to Booni.? .. Source