PTI does favour to Chitral despite loosing here

Published on: 27/07/2018 | Comments: No comments 

Chitral: The Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf political party has proven to be a blessing for Chitralis in that despite loosing elections from Chitral it has allocated reserved seats in the Provincial Assembly on two occasions. In the 2013 general elections, the party could not win a single seat from Chitral but still got BIbi Fouzia elected as MPA on women reserved seats. This time again PTI has failed to win any seat in the general elections from Chitral but has already nominated Wazir zada Kalash against the reserved seats for minorities. This benevolent gesture towards Chitral may not have been displayed by any other political party in the past. .. CN report, 27 Jul 2018

Upper Chitral PTI workers demand separate district organisation

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Chitral .. A meeting of PTI workers of upper Chitral was held at Booni with Gul Hayat Avocate in the chair. Workers unanimously demanded party organisation set up for the new under construction district instead of the present set up which treats upper Chitral as a sub division instead of a district. District SVP Rehmat Ghazi, VP Shahzada Sikandar ul Mulk, SVP upper Chitral Jamal Din and VP upper Chitral Sardar Hakim resigned from their recently appointed party positions to press for the fore-mentioned demand. .. Nazir Hussain Shah, 22, Dec 2017?

Jahangir Tareen brings honour to PTI, by his principled bow out

Published on: 19/12/2017 | Comments: 1 comment 

Chitral .. In Pakistan’s politics where putting pragmatism over principles at every step and where shamelessness and being thick skinned is considered a part of the game, Jahangir Tareen the erstwhile Secretary General of PTI has set a noble example of promptly resigning from the coveted party position after being disqualified to hold public office by the Supreme Court. Whether the court verdict was right or not is not what is intended to be discussed here, however the honouring of the verdict by the Secy General PTI was certainly right and worthy of respect.

Jahangir Tareen has been the right hand man of party chairman and according to the words of Imran Khan himself, stood by him in the most difficult and challenging times faced by the party. As a matter of fact, only second to the party chairman himself, Tareen has the largest role in bringing PTI to it’s present formidable position. Tareen a self made man with a pleasantly humble disposition, rose from an ordinary farmer to become one of the most successful agriculturist and highest tax paying persons in Pakistan. He developed agriculture and horticulture on modern lines and also showed the way to others. He might have had an odd shortcomming when weighed on a 100% purity scale, but then who in Pakistan can claim not to have so. Majority of parliamentarians in Pakistan (save the noble very few) practice politics in order to gain collateral financial benefits. Jahangir Tareen has not practiced politics for monetary gains, rather shown his own business and entrepreneurial acumen to build his wealth and contribute to improve the face of politics.

Jahangir Tareen worked for the party untiringly and selflessly in the most difficult of times, but bowed out in a noble manner when the time came to reap the harvest. May not seem a wise acronym in the agriculture business but definitely wise and noble in the business of? honouring principles. .. CN report, 19 Dec 2017