Need to promote vegetarianism for a better world

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The PTI government is promoting new ideas to change the life style of the people e.g chicken farming, kitchen farming (growing veggies for own kitchen) etc are good ideas. However it would be worthwhile if the govt considers another idea i.e it promotes the idea of turning the people away from carnivorism and towards vegetarianism.

As it is, the every day cases of inedible and unhealthy meat proliferating the markets is enough to turn any person away from meat eating. Even the poultry has been termed dangerous for health due to artificial steroid laden feeds etc.? Why can’t our population think of? eating vegetables, pulses, beans and grams instead of the dubious meat available in the market. The collateral benefit of this shift would be a mellowing of our temperaments and strengthening of our emotional health. It is an established fact from studying the animal world, that carnivorous animals are ferocious and aggressive while herbivorous ones are more stable in their behaviour.

The dietary benefit of vegetarianism is established worldwide. Nations that are vegetarians are stable emotionally, soft and progressing in technology compared to meat eaters like the US which is always angry and wanting to wage war and show aggression somewhere or the other. In Pakistan itself, the tribal society being avid meat eater are ferocious and aggressive. This is only natural. “You are what you eat”.

Pakistan under Imran Khan should spearhead a worldwide movement to turn towards vegetarianism for a better, easeful and peaceful world.? .. CN report, 10 Dec 2018

It?s time for govt to promote winter tourism in Chitral

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.. by Zahiruddin

CHITRAL: The completion of Lowari tunnel has provided an all-weather route to Chitral and now is the time for the government to take steps for promotion of winter tourism and tap true potential of tourism in the area.

Talking to this scribe, a number of stakeholders of tourism sector said that in Chitral, a tourist could see the Kashmir Markhor, snow leopard and many other species of wild beasts in their natural habitat from a close range and enjoy snowfall and skating.

They were of the view that a proper publicity was needed to promote the winter attractions of the area as well as the fact that hitherto Lowari Pass (10,300 feet above sea level) severed the district from rest of the country for five months of the extended winter season.

Abdul Haleem, a tour operator, said that the landscape of Chitral was best suited for skiing, while holding of a skiing gala here on national level under the aegis of the government could bring the area in the limelight and promote winter tourism.


He said that the valleys of Sheshi Koh, Madak Lusht, Bumburate, Birir, Rumbur, Golen, Karimabad, Garam Chashma, Oveer, Terich and Mulkhow were the ideal places which received heavy snowfall and provided ideal places for skiing.

Mr Haleem said that a tourist in Chitral city, Kalash valleys and Garam Chashma could now see snowfall from their hotels having all facilities, including uninterrupted power supply. The road infrastructure has also been improved recently and free movement during snowfall has become easier now.

Chitral city flanked the Gol National Park which was the habitat of snow leopard, markhor and many species of wildlife. Asghar Ali, a wildlife watcher in the park, said that one could easily see the wild animals by walking for an hour from the city during snowfall. He claimed that no other tourist resort afforded such a unique facility. He said that when the snowfall continued for more than three days the wild animals and birds in the national park came down to lower altitudes and for the non-local tourists it was an unusual phenomenon.

The Kalash valleys of Bumburate, Birir and Rumbur remained shrouded in snow during the whole winter season, but it did not keep the Kalash youth confined to their homes as they used to play snow hockey.

Dr Inayatullah Faizi said that that Tourism Corporation of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa should take concrete steps for promotion of winter tourism in Chitral, which had become quite feasible after completion of Lowari tunnel.

Published in Dawn, January 29th, 2018