Come summer, mountain glacier area problems bloom in Chitral

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Chitral: While flowers bloom in the month of April and May and even till mid-June, any one visiting Chitral during this time goes back with the impression as if it is a heaven on earth. But as soon as July approaches it brings with itself the problems of a mountain area with glacial streams and rivers. Sudden bursts of flash floods scare the hell out of not only visitors? but even the locals.

The glacial burst in Golen valley recently is a fresh example of how anything of this sort can happen any time. Some years back the beautiful valley of Sonoghar was almost wiped out by the glacier on which it rested for centuries, slipping under it. Breakdown of roads, water channels and pipelines are but some commonly faced problems during the months of July and August in the whole of Chitral district.

Glacier bursts in Golen valley; warning of more floods

The restoration of such facilities eats up much budget and little is left for Chitral to use in development. A serious and extensive study of the climatic effects on the infrastructure in the months of July and August particularly, be carried out and solid measures be taken to check the goosebumps Chitralis get? at these times. Temporary and superficial repair works which are usually the methodology have not and will not work in the long run, as we are experiencing every year. .. CN report, 29 Jul 2019

This is a common problem with all mountain areas. Recent floods in Kaghan, Gilgit etc are equally bad as Chitral. The government should think out of the box and improvise scientific transportation system suiting the area like cable cars etc instead of perpetual grappling with the ever floody rivers and ever eroding mountains. .. Muhammad Kaleem, 31 Jul 2019

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Root cause of problems; Authorities disconnected from people

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Chitral: In previous years when the Golen powerhouse had not been constructed and there was severe shortage of electricity in Chitral, even then, on an occasion like the Shandur festival there would be no loadshedding because VIPs were staying in the? Scouts officer mess, the Governor Cottage etc which was provided electricity through the same source as the common people. Now even though the Golen powerhouse is producing 108 Megawatt of electricity, there is loadshedding regularly and specially at 3 AM every night.

Why is this? This is because now the Scouts Officers Mess and the DC house have their own powerhouse which supplies non stop electricity to them 24 hours a day. The WAPDA officials are not worried of being questioned for not supplying electricity to VIPs as places where the later stay are not dependent on WAPDA. As far as consideration for the elected representatives is concerned it is next to zero. These representatives of the people are no more than turnips in the eyes of the WAPDA officialdom (sorry to say that).

The problem of the people whether it is electricity mismanagement or other affairs concerning welfare of the people can only be solved when the authorities get connected to the people. As long as they are living with their own powerhouses, backup generators, exclusive facilities and special amenities not available to the public, they will never realise the plight of the people they are responsible for. .. CN report, 09 Jul 2019