Imran Khan on moral high ground again after UN speech

Published on: 28/09/2019 | Comments: 4 comments 

CHITRAL: Having been subjected to severe public criticism for being unable to control the tsunami of inflation and rise in the cost of living for the poor man (and woman), and being unable to bring back the looted wealth which he had repeatedly promised, Prime minister Imran khan had lost much moral ground in the eyes of the common man (and woman).

Emotional nation as we are, now after his heartfelt speech in the General Assembly of the United Nation on 27 Sep 2019, the Khan has once again regained public approval in a tsunamic manner, based on his heart touching eloquence.

Whether PM Khan is eventually able to deliver successfully on his promises or not, one thing is beyond doubt that he is a well meaning man, who is worrying about the country more than himself.? Pakistan does indeed need a bold leader who can look into the eyes of the super powers and say extempore what the people of Pakistan feel ... CN report, 28 Sep 2019.