Markets closed in Chitral, Drosh, Booni bazars

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Chitral: Markets remained mostly closed in the three main bazars of Chitral, Drosh and Booni. Most people when asked as to what was the protest against, they said it is against price hike of essential commodities. Surprisingly few however said the protest was called by big traders of Karachi who were resisting in being documented and coming under the tax radar.

The general public in Chitral though not happy about the steep price hike being experienced by them also realise that the extra money being collected this way is to pay off the loans against Pakistan. People however demand extreme austerity measures by the government in it’s overhead expenses and demand an imposition of austerity emergency in all the government and security departments. .. CN report, 13 Jul 2019

Chitrali youth inducted in Provincial Management Service

Published on: 28/12/2017 | Comments: 1 comment 

Chitral : A youth from Drosh Chitral has been inducted in the Provincial Management Service. Shah Adnan s/o Rafique Ahmad cleared the PMS 2017 exams along with 11 other candidates from different parts of the province, and subsequent to final interview etc has been recommended for induction in the Provincial Management Service of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. .. CN report, 28 Dec 2017

Drosh bazar inspected, fines imposed on defaulters

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Chitral .. Under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner?Chitral?Irshad Sodhar, Assistant Director Consumer Protection Council Chitral Riaz Ahmad conducted inspection of different categories of vendors / shops in Drosh bazaar. The violators were fined PKR. 67000/- under section 5, 7a, 7b, and 7c of?Consumer?Protection?Act?for?overcharging, defective design or composition, duty of disclosure, unfair trade practices, and for playing with the health of Consumer. In addition a case was also filed against a filling station in the consumer court Chitral for selling low gauge POL. .. CN report, 21 Nov 2017


‘Abducted’ Drosh girl recovered from Abbottabad

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A girl namely Aisha belonging to Drosh has been recovered from Abbottabad by Chitral police team sent there for the purpose. The alleged kidnapper Ali Raza belonging to Kotli Azad Kashmir has been arrested and brought to to Drosh.