Is two third majority necessary for a government to deliver?

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CHITRAL: There is a general perception that Pakistan has not developed due to instable democracy and lack of sufficient majority of any sitting government. Is that true?? 

Let us take the case of KP province where one party is in power since the last nine years with two third majority unhindered. There has never been any threat to the government from any side. Has it delivered accordingly? Have the promises made by the ruling party at the time of elections been fulfilled? Has there any been improvement in governance or accountability for which people voted the party? Unfortunately, the answer to all the above questions is ‘NO’. Unfortunately all the above mentioned sectors have worsened instead of improving.

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The slogan of ‘Riasat e Madina’ a favourite slogan of the party head, is no where seen in KP province where it is ruling with 2/3rd majority for last nine years.

The underlying point to highlight is that it is not 2/3 majority which will ensure that a government delivers. Even with 2/3 majority, a government would comprise of electables who would have their own priorities and stakes and they can easily cripple the government to their own advantage.

The answer is not to get more votes and more members. The answer is to change the system and enable a government to be formed without elections and on merit alone. Then will a change come. Other wise it would be a swing of disappointments pendulating forever. .. CN report, 04 Aug 2022

(please note that this writeup is not against or in favour of any party/leader. It is aimed at highlighting the real problem with our government making and governance system, and an effort to high light facts which are sacred but drowned in emotionalism and being blinkered)


Sure shot solution for fallen moral standards of Pakistani Muslims

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CHITRAL: It is no secret that the moral standards of Muslims world over (save noble exceptions) have fallen to the lowest ebb, as say the ground realities today. Tales of moral degradation at the venues of even Khana e Kaaba and Masjid e Nabwi can be heard from people visiting there for Haj and Umra.

In Pakistan the situation of moral decadence is ever so glaring. There is no sphere of life whether be social conduct, business affairs, job matters, legal matters, or other daily life chores where blatant and overwhelming examples of dishonesty cannot be found. What is the underlying reason behind this? The lack of accountability might be one, but the core reason behind this decadence is the concept promulgated amongst the people by clerics that ‘sins of all kinds can be forgiven by prayers, duas, specific rituals, umras and haj’.

As long as this narrative is alive and being promoted by clerics, muslims will never try to abstain from sins against society (huqooq ul Ibaad) and will not try to improve their attitude towards the world and humanity.

The fact of the matter is that Allah Almighty has clearly mentioned in the Holy Quran that sins against society and humanity (Huqooq Ul Ibaad) shall not be pardoned by Him in lieu of any ritual or prayer. All other narratives which are in contradiction to this Quranic injunction are trash and have been cooked up later to weaken the moral fiber of Muslims in a canny and cunning way.

The Government of Pakistan can play it’s part in repairing the damage. It can instruct the clerics in mosques (at least those who are paid by the government) to repeatedly mention this Quranic injunction at the begining and end of each prayer and talk about it at length in every Juma prayer. If this practice is carried out religiously in every mosque of Pakistan, the country will transform from a ‘gunah e huqooqul ibadistan’ to a ‘paakistan’ within two years. .. CN report, 24 July 2022

Pakistan; IMF is complicit in the crime!

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CHITRAL: There are two distinct opinions regarding the IMF giving loans upon loans to Pakistan. One opinion is that the IMF is a culprit and it has enslaved us by giving loans to us which they know we cannot pay back. The second opinion is that the IMF is our benefactor which helps us in hard times and it is our rulers who squander the money. They absolve the IMF of any wrong doing on their part.

The matter of fact is that, no doubt the IMF gives us loans when we beg for it. It is also a fact that our rulers squander this money instead of using it judiciously. But the question is ‘why does the IMF dictate terms on which the loan is given’? If at all they have to dictate, why don’t they be objective and honest about it it.? Why is it that the IMF always wants our governments to increase the price of fuel, energy and commodities? Why don’t they ever demand of the government to reduce their overhead expenditures and squandering of their loan. Why don’t they demand reduction in the gross imbalance in the Defence budget vs education, health and welfare budget allocation? Why do they tacitly allow the rulers to loot the country and keep the country in permanent chains of debt slavery. The IMF should either stop giving loans to Pakistan or they should not impose any conditions on it or if they impose conditions like they are doing now, the conditions should be judicious and fair.

The IMF needs a revisit of it’s policy towards Pakistan which is their captive slave in the form of a perpetual loan seeker. It needs to impose conditions such as reduction in the overhead expenditures of the government by 70 percent to begin with. To reduce the non combat overhead expenditure of the armed force by 70 percent. To finish off the snowballing pension system with one time lumpsome payment at the time of retirements.

Instead of burdening the poor man with making life difficult, the IMF should catch the bull by the horns. The Pakistani nation is used to being governed by force. Honest and benevolent force is the best medicine for us. IMF can exercise this force through it’s economic muscle and our economic frailty. .. CN report, 02 July 2022

قرض اتارنے کا آٸیڈیا

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فیصل آباد کے ایک نوجوان کی جانب سے پاکستان کا قرضہ اتارنے کے لئے حکومت کو مفید مشورہ اور ایک آئیڈیا دیا

اس کا کہنا تھا کہ یہ ملک کا قرضہ اتارنا تو بائیں ہاتھ کا کھیل ہے.
لیکن یہ حکمران خود نہیں چاہتے کہ قرضہ اترے.

آسان سی پالیسی ہے تحریر مکمل پڑھیں پھر آپکو پتہ چلے گا

17 گریڈ کے افسران, ججز , وزراء ,مشیر, ڈپٹی کمشنرز,اسسٹنٹ کمشنرز, ڈی پی اوز, ڈی ایس پیز, ایس ایچ اوز, ڈسٹرکٹ آفیسرز, سی ای اوز, ڈی ای اوز, کالجز کے پروفیسرز,سکولز کے ہیڈ ماسٹرز, پیف والے پرائیویٹ سکولز مالکان, پراپرٹی ڈیلرز, تحصیلدار, پٹواری, بزنس مین, فوجی افسران, خفیہ اداروں کے افسران, فیکٹریوں کے مالکان, ملز مالکان, بڑے سرمایہ داران, آڑھتی , تاجران, تیس چالیس ایکڑ سے زیادہ اراضی والے زمینداران, سب کو ملا کر تعداد گنی جائے تو دو کروڑ آرام سے بن جائیں گے.
ان سب سے گورنمنٹ کا بیس بیس ہزار بطور قرض لینا معمولی سی بات ہے. جو کہ چار کھرب ماہانہ بنتا ہے.

اسکے بعد
297 پنجاب کے ایم پی ایز
130سندھ کے ایم پی ایز
124کے پی کے ایم پی ایز
65بلوچستان کے ایم پی ایز
336ایم این ایز
کل 965 اقتدار میں موجود سیاسی شخصیات ہیں جن سے صرف پانچ پانچ کروڑ فی کس لیا جانا عام سی بات ہے. اور ان لوگوں کیلئے یہ رقم دینا کوئی بڑی بات بھی نہیں ھے تویہ پچاس ارب بنتا ہے.

اسکے بعد
ایک کروڑ ملک بھر کے سرکاری ملازمین تو ہوں گے جن سے صرف دو ہزارماہانہ بطور قرض لیا جائے تو ماہانہ بیس ارب بنتا ہے.

بیس ہزار سے زائد انکم والے پرائیوٹ ملازمین کم ازکم تو پانچ کروڑ ہونگے جن سے صرف پانچ سو روپے ماہانہ قرض لیا جائے جو کہ پچیس ارب بنتا ہے.
کل تقریبا پانچ کھرب ہو گیا.

اور گورنمنٹ اپنے بجٹ میں سے اپنے ریونیو میں سے ایک کھرب ڈالے کل چھ کھرب روپے .
یعنی کہ تقریباً 34ارب ڈالر بنتا ہے۔⁩⁦

فرض کیا جائے کہ پاکستان پر مجموعی طور پرسو ارب ڈالر قرضہ ہو تو تین ماہ کی قلیل مدت جولائی تا ستمبر میں قرضہ اُن کے منہ پر مارا جاسکتا ہے. اور اسی پالیسی کے تحت اگلے تین ماہ اکتوبر تا دسمبر میں ہم آئی ایم ایف کو کہہ سکتے ہیں جتنا تم نے قرضہ دیا تھا اب اتنا ہم سے لے سکتے ہوں. اور اگر یہ ہی اکتوبر تا دسمبر کااتنابڑا ریونیو پاکستان اپنے دفاع ریلوے سڑکوں پی آئی اے اور دیگر اداروں پر لگا دے تو ہمارا ملک کہاں سے کہاں پہنچ سکتا ہے. صرف چھ ماہ میں مہنگائی کا تو نام ونشان ہی مٹ جائے گا انشاء اللہ تعالی

پھر ان اداروں سے جو ریونیو آئے گا وہ اوپر بیان کردہ جس جس پاکستانی
سے رقوم بطور قرض وصول کی گئی ہونگی انکو واپس لوٹانے کا سلسہ شروع کیا جائے اور دو تین سال میں آرام سے واپس ہو جائے گا.
اور اگر کوئی حب الوطنی کے تحت دیا گیا قرضہ ملک پر قربان کردے تو یہ تو اور بھی اچھی بات ھوگی
یاد رہے میں کوئی معیشت دان نہیں ایک عام پاکستانی ہوں ۔۔ا

برائے مہربانی بات حکمرانوں تک ، اور ماہرین معاشیات تک پہنچے تاکہ وہ ملک کیلئے کچھ اچھا فیصلہ کریں

یہ ملک اور عوام اب باھر کے قرضوں پر نہیں چل سکتا ،
کیونکہ دنیا کے سامنے رسوائی اور ذلت الگ ہے اور ان کی کڑی شرائط اور ڈیمانڈ وہ الگ ہیں جس کے نتیجے میں حکومت کو ٹیکسز لگانے پڑتے ہیں اور نتیجتاً مہنگائی کا ایک طوفان آتا ہے اور اس ملک کے متوسط اور غریب عوام کو ھی بھگتنا پڑتا ہے

اسی لیئے اللہ کے واسطے
ایسا راہ حل تلاش کیا جائے کہ عوام پر ایک ہی دفعہ بوجھ ڈالیں اور قرض اتاریں، اور اس ملک کو قرض کے دلدل سے باہر نکالیں اس ملک کو اپنے پاؤں پر کھڑا کریں اور اقتصادی لحاظ سے مضبوط اور خود مختار بنائیں

ہمارا وطن ہماری عوام اب زیادہ قرضوں کا متحمل نہیں ہوسکتے

اور اگر آپ کے پاس بھی اس سے بہتر کوئی حل ہے تو اس کو بھی آگے تک پھیلائیں تاکہ ہماری عوام ایک آواز ہوکر حکمرانوں سے یہ  مطالبہ کرے

.. Pasted as recieved from internet, 22 June 2022

End to official protocols: the first doable step in present crisis

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CHITRAL: As the country screams under economic burden due to our ‘Khar masti’ over the decades, there is a dire need to tighten our belts. This belt tightening should come from the top and it should be visible.

The first and most doable step in this direction is to abolish all kind of protocol extended to any one on public money. as a matter of fact the very word ‘protocol’ (which is so glaringly abused by one and all using it) should be abolished from the dictionary of Pakistan’s governance for the next ten years at least.

Thanks to modern technology and especially the social media world over, the people are awakened to the injustices they have been subjected to, by those who have been ruling them.

قرض کی پیتے تھے مے اور یہ کہتے تھے کے ہاں
رنگ لایے گی ہماری فاقہ مستی ایک دن

.. CN report, 22 June 2022

Demand for withdrawal of perks and privileges of officials, increasing by the day

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CHITRAL: The increase in perks and privileges of government officials both in the civil beaurocracy and the military beaurocracy has been phenomenal -just in proportion to the amount of loans the country has been taking over the years. Today when the country is edging towards bankruptcy, the ridiculous perks that the officialdom enjoys is ever so annoying. Officials of the beaurocracy reside and enjoy privileges as was in the times of British imperialism.

According to a report published in daily ‘Dawn’ “The Sargodha Commissioner House tops the list of the large bungalows under use of bureaucrats and senior police officers. Spread over 104 kanals, it is the country’s largest government residence. Thirty-three staff members have been deployed for its maintenance and security.

It is followed by the mansion of the Sahiwal Senior Superintendents of Police (SSP) which is spread over 98 kanals. The residences of DCOs of Mianwali and Faisalabad are of 95 and 92 kanals, respectively.

Millions are spent annually on the maintenance and security of the government residences spread over an area of 2,600 kanals across Punjab alone. While almost 30,000 government and private employees have been deployed at these residences all the expenses are borne by the government.

Total area of official residences of just seven DIGs and 32 SSPs is 860 kanals.

According to details, the Gujranwala DIG’s residence is spread over 70 kanals followed by the Sargodha DIG (40 kanals), Rawalpindi DIG, Faisalabad DIG and Dera Ghazi Khan DIG (20 kanals each), Multan DIG 18 kanals and Lahore DIG (15 kanals).

The Mianwali SSP has the largest residence among the SSPs with an area of 70 kanals, followed by Rajanpur SSP (37 kanals), Sheikhupura and Bahawalnagar SSPs (32 kanals each), Attock SSP (29 kanals), Gujranwala SSP (25 kanals), Rahim Yar Khan SSP (22 kanals), Vehari and Kasur SSPs (20 kanals each), Jhang SSP (18 kanals), Khanewal and Bahawalpur SSPs (15 kanals each), Pakpattan SSP (14 kanals), Multan SSP (13 kanals), Hafizabad, Chakwal and Narowal SSPs (10 kanals each), Sialkot SSP (nine kanals), Gujarat and Bhakkar SSPs (eight kanals each), Layyah, Jhelum and Khushab SSPs (six kanals each) and Toba Tek Singh and Rawalpindi SSPs (five kanals each).”

The above mentioned figures quoted from the newspaper are just some examples of the ‘kharmastian’ our country is being subjected to. The privileges of the armed forces officers and the judiciary are no less. Offices have bloated from small functional rooms to huge and profusely furnished ones -all at what cost? No need to mention that again and again.

A federal minister has asked the nation to have one cup of tea a day. All well, but what about the battalion of fuel guzzling vehicles, the servants, the perks of officials. Should they not be reduced to a quarter before asking the people to have only one cup of tea a day.

The poor of Pakistan have given enough of sacrifices. It is now the turn of the government, the armed forces and the judiciary to show us what they can do by way of sacrifice to arrest the impending bankruptcy due to their ill planning, corruption and ‘shah kharchi’. .. CN report, 18 June 2022

Pakistan ignoring elephant(s) in the room, stuck in a circle of no-joy

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CHITRAL: Pakistan’s condition as a state and a country is going from bad to worse with each passing day. We keep discussing and debating about what to do to arrest the down slide but nothing seems to be working. We change governments through ballot and often through ‘bullet’, change faces to find the eventual ‘saviour, keep wailing and whining but to no avail.

The problem with Pakistan is that it does not address the underlying real problems that beset it and instead keeps beating about the bush and going round and round in a circle of no joy. Some of the problems that need to be addressed on emergency basis if Pakistan needs to address it’s downslide are:

Runaway population growth: It is actually the top most problem, though may not seem so on the face of it. Pakistan’s rate of population increase is the highest in South Asia and soon will be a top contender in the world in this regard. The worst part is the population is not channelized or made useful, instead it is let wild and the result is disaster as we see in different forms.

Role of the Army: Armed forces are an important institution of any country but they have their defined roles and stick to it. In Pakistan the Army has been intervening in state affairs right since it’s inception and the intervention has kept increasing so much that even democratic governments come into being with the help of the Army and then are pliant to it. It is time that ‘Pakistan’ arranges a serious dialogue between the civilian democratic government and the army to clarify and establish it’s role as per the role of armies in other countries around the world. Only then can the country move ahead.

Education: Our education standards are abysmally low. We only export uneducated labour to other countries who earn a miniscule of what educated people earn there. Education could have been our best investment at the time of independence onwards. We would by now have been roaring ahead of most countries because education would have by default killed extremism, terrorism and exploitation of sorts. Unfortunately we did nothing about it.

Pakistan has a lot of potential to improve itself. If put on the right track now, at least our next generation would benefit if not us- Pakistan Painda baad.

 .. CN report, 07 June 2022

پاکستان کفن چوروں کے رحم و کرم پر

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کسی شہر میں اک کفن چور آیا

جو راتوں کو قبروں میں سوراخ کر کے

تن کشتگاں سے کفن کھینچ لیتا

آخر کار پکڑا گیا

اور اس کو مناسب سزا ہو گئی

کچھ ہی دن بعد اک دوسرا چور وارد ہوا

جو کفن بھی چراتا

قبر کو بھی کھلا چھوڑ دیتا

دوسرا چور بھی رکن انصاف کے پاس لایا گیا

اور مہمان زنداں ہوا

پھر یکایک کسی تیسرے چور کا غل مچا

جو کفن بھی چراتا

قبر کو بھی کھلا چھوڑ دیتا

اور مردہ بدن کو برہنہ کسی راہ پر ڈال دیتا

شہر والے جب اسے عدالت میں لائے

تو قاضی نے اس کی سزا کو سناتے ہوئے

فیصلہ یوں لکھا

”خداوند پہلے کفن چور کو اپنی رحمت میں رکھنا کہ وہ آدمی خوب تھا”

.. CN report, 27 May 2022

Fervent appeal to Imran Khan

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CHITRAL: Former prime minister Imran Khan has emerged as a personality who has attracted the attention of people of Pakistan like no one else before- not even the charismatic ZA Bhutto.

The youth of Pakistan are following him blindly and are ready to do whatever he says. A jobless youth, an ardent worker of PTI, talking to Chitral News swore that he is ready to tie a bomb to himself and go wherever Imran Khan ordered him to. When asked if Imran Khan asked him to do manual labour to earn an honest living instead of wasting his life sloganeering, would he do it?. The youngster replied saying although he doesn’t like manual labour and considers it below his dignity doing it, but would be ready to do that on Imran’s orders. This is the kind of following Imran Khan has amongst the youth of Pakistan, as of today.

Politics aside, if Imran Khan asks the youth of Pakistan to engage themselves productively for the benefit of themselves and the country, it would be a great favour to the young generation and this nation. If he urges upon the youth to become honest, disciplined, sober and responsible in their daily lives, the youngsters would readily pay heed to it and he would do a service to the nation more valuable than asking them to get rid of the slavery of the US etc etc. because even if they get rid of America, they are still in the shackles of a more serious slavery i.e wasting their lives in waywardness without any direction, not practicing a hardworking, honest and disciplined life, looking for short cuts and quick fixes and not knowing the priorities of being good human beings and good citizens. If Imran Khan Khan stresses upon these life changing factors for the youth it will automatically put them in a position to be free of any slavery, whether American or local political slavery. If only Imran Khan uses half of his energies and efforts that he uses against his political opponents, to reform the character and mindset of the youth, they will automatically reject corruption and negativity of the opposition or whoever, without any need of his spitting fire against them.

Imran Khan has a God gifted chance. He can use it or waste it. Political expediencies are temporary and fade away sooner or later but national character building will be a service that will make him a leader and a hero. .. CN report, 15 May 2022

Why is the US so unpopular in Pakistan and around the world?

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CHITRAL: Pakistan right after independence fell into the lap of the United States, despite the fact that our larger neighbour India chose to follow a non aligned policy, rather extended it’s hands of friendship to the USSR which lay in it’s regional neighbourhood. What did we achieve from our dependence on the US, throughout the years.? The US kept giving us loans and grants to keep the economy going but never helped us stand on own feet to nourish the economy in the right way. Loans from the US (IMF, World bank etc) kept on mounting progressively due to being easy money in the hands of unscrupulous and dishonest rulers one after another.

Web Photo

The US also kept perking Pakistan with weapons produced by it’s war factories and constantly prodded Pakistan to have a perpetual aggressive stance towards neighbouring countries of India and Afghanistan. It let down Pakistan by standing aside when India defeated and humiliated Pakistan in the Bangla Desh war. Most unfortunate part is that we did not learn any lesson, because our petty rulers (wouldn’t call them leaders) were so obliged to them for the greed of dollars. The way the US used Pakistan in fighting the USSR in Afghanistan and then left it high and dry, is a glaring example of how Pakistan has paid for the alms and aid a.k.a ‘free lunch’ from the US.

Today the people of Pakistan hate America (mind you, not the country or it’s people, as most like the American people for their large heartedness and openness). It is the policy of the American government which the people have seen around the world whether in  Iraq, Syria, Libya or Afghanistan, is what they hate.

In Pakistan, the Ex Prime Minister Imran Khan while at the low end of his dwindling popularity picked up the anti American sentiment and converted his low into a high of big magnitude. The whole country has forgotten inflation, poor governance and everything else only to rally behind his anti American shout.

High time, the United States should reconsider it’s policies. That the whole world curses it, there must be something wrong. The amount of money it spends on destruction of countries around the world can be spent on the welfare of the people of those countries. The US should now take a big leap towards “live and Let Live”, to redress the grievances of the world towards it. .. CN report, 13 May 2022