PIA reschedules Islamabad-Chitral flight

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CHITRAL: The bi-weekly PIA flights between Islamabad and Chitral which hitherto operated on a Sunday and Friday will now operate on Sunday and Wednesday instead. The change being from Friday to Wednesday only while the Sunday schedule remains intact. It is to be noted that the Peshawar Chitral flights are already suspended till 15 Dec. For details the PIA web portal can be accessed via our web page here, or the PIA call center at +(92-21)-111-786-786 … CN report, 05 Nov 2019.

PIA ticketing system goes berserk, scares passengers

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CHITRAL: The ticketing system of PIA went crazy, at least on 11 Sep when an intending passenger logged online to reserve a seat from Islamabad to Chitral. The system showed the one way fare as Rs 15500/- Not believing his eyes the said person approached two different travel agents, who confirmed the same price of ticket as being showed on the PIA portal. When the passenger rang up the call centre reservations he was quoted a figure of Rs 6950/-. A difference of almost 150 percent in the rates quoted by the online system and the booking office.

When other passengers were asked about the same in the passenger lounge they confirmed that they get exaggerated and unrealistic fare figures on line and even the ticketing office say the fares fluctuate. The 150 percent fluctuation in fares within hours is certainly a world record in mismanagement of airline ticketing anywhere across the globe. With ‘great’ people like these managing the PIA, how can the airline stand on it’s feet again? .. CN report, 2019

Pilot error cause of ATR crash landing at Gilgit Airport, says report

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Chitral: The inquiry report set up to investigate the skidding off after hot landing of the PIA ATR aircraft at Gilgit airport on 19 July 2019,? has apportioned the blame on the captain of the aircraft.

The Captain Maryam Masood,? a lady pilot of the PIA, known for her flying skills and professionalism, confessed that the aircraft had made a high approach and overshot the original touchdown point at high speed causing the accident. Both the captain and the co-pilot have since been grounded. .. CN report, 28 Jul 2019

Chitral bound PIA passengers refuse to travel without their luggage

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PIA spokesperson says 17 passengers completed the trip, that baggage would have been a safety hazard. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

PIA spokesperson says 17 passengers completed the trip, that baggage would have been a safety hazard. PHOTO: EXPRESS/FILE

RAWALPINDI:?Twenty-two passengers aboard a Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight to Chitral refused to travel after they were not allowed to take their luggage along owing to space restraints.

The flight, PK-660, was set to take off from the New Islamabad Airport, however,?passengers were informed that their luggage could not be taken along.

The national flag carrier?s staff said that the baggage would be taken to Chitral on a later flight.

To this, the 22 passengers protested and left the plane with only 17 others having completed the trip.

?You see, we have space constraints on these small planes as the flight operations inform us on how much weight should be taken for take-off depending on the temperature,??PIA spokesperson Mashood Tajwar told?The Express Tribune.

the cabin crew had assured the passengers that the remaining luggage would be brought to their destination from another flight, he added.

?We take these steps as our first priority is the safety of our passengers,? Tajwar said.

More PIA Flights Demanded for Chitral

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CHITRAL: The selection of ?inappropriate? timings and days by the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for Chitral has been resulting in frequent cancellation of flights and inconvenience to the passengers, according to sources.

The passengers complained that the airline had curtailed the number of flights on Chitral route from earlier 21 flights a week (three flights daily) to only two a week, which were being operated on Fridays and Sundays.

They said that the gap of only one day between the two flight days of the week had been causing inconvenience for them as one had to wait for five consecutive days to avail himself of the flight. They said that by introducing a midweek flight instead of Sunday the problem could be resolved.

?A person coming to Chitral from Islamabad or Peshawar on Friday can?t return by the next available flight on Sunday and as such he has to wait for the next flight on coming Friday or Sunday. Only the flight on Tuesday or Wednesday can suit such passengers,? they said. They claimed that flights operation in the afternoon was also said to be fau

A former captain pilot of the airline, Shahzada Sirajul Mulk, said that in the mountainous areas like Chitral the morning time was more airworthy than the afternoon when clouds started developing with each passing moment. He said that due to the irrational approach of the airline regarding schedule of days and timings, the tourists coming to Chitral for mountaineering and sightseeing got diverted to Gilgit-Baltistan due to the availability of daily two flights each for Gilgit and Skardu.

The local people insisted that there was no shortage of passengers and cargo to and from Chitral. They said that a large number of foreigners had been engaged in work on power and road projects in the district who traveled to and from Chitral only by air.

Published in Dawn, December 13th, 2018

Chitral passenger sues PIA for mental torture

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Chitral: The ongoing practice of of mismanaging passengers luggage by PIA on Islamabad- Chitral route has met reaction by a passenger sending legal notice to the airline through his lawyer as a first step of complete legal suite against the airline.

The passenger Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah talking to CN said he traveled to Chitral from Islamabad on 24 Aug. While collecting his luggage at Chitral airport he found a bag missing which contained immediate essentials, medicines and important documents etc.

The aggrieved passenger immediately launched a lost report with the PIA staff at Chitral airport? and tried to trace the bag. He even sent a personal representative to Islamabad airport where he was told that the luggage had been sent to Chitral and is not present in Islamabad. Actually the luggage had been sent elsewhere. After rigorous pursuance and prodding he was informed on 30 Aug that the bag has been found and is lying at Islamabad airport. The bag was collected from Islamabad airport with much difficulty on 31 Aug.

The passenger has decided to file a case of ‘Tortuous negligence liability’ against the PIA and has claimed Rs one million and a public apology from the airline as a compensation for the mental torture and agony he suffered. .. CN report, 01 Sep 2018

PIA travel proves horrible experience for Passengers

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Chitral: PIA flight between Islamabad and Chitral proved a nightmare for passengers who found that they had been brought to Chitral without their luggage. The next flight now being after five days. A passenger on the flight Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah told CN that he traveled with his family on PK 660 on Friday 24 Aug. After landing at Chitral he found that his bag of standard size and weight had been dumped at Islamabad instead of accompanying him on the flight. It may be pointed out that that the flight was under occupied by about15 seats and the temperatures were also normal, so no excuse on that at least.

On inquiry, the PIA staff at Chitral airport said this was a normal practice going on and many passengers arrive in Chitral without their baggage on regular basis. In the mean time another passenger who seemed to be a serving official also came up and aggressively demanded that his baggage be brought to Chitral in a special flight and handed over to him other wise he would sue PIA. The PIA staff at Chitral airport said they were fed up complaining to PIA Islamabad responsibles, but nobody is paying heed to it. He added many a times baggage of Chitral passengers are sent to Gilgit and vice versa. The irony about the whole thing is that not an eye brow is raised when reports of such irregularities are made and PIA considers it a normal matter to confiscate passengers luggage for days and weeks. ..CN report, 24 Aug 2018

PIA breaking stereotypes, appoints female technician

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.. by?Eminraja

Gender equality has slowly formed its acceptability in Pakistan?s societal sphere ? all due to the persistent efforts of those who believed in it. But it wouldn?t really have been possible if the professional spaces didn?t allow it to propagate.

Though many institutions have thrown away the gender labels previously attached to certain professions and have actually welcomed women in male-dominated professions with a warm heart. Not only has it widened the range of opportunities for women, it has also changed how the society saw women in these unconventional roles.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has taken some groundbreaking and revolutionary steps to ensure it. Promoting gender diversity in previously male-centric jobs, PIA has been passionately lauded for their unorthodox steps to achieve this unachievable target.

Previously shaking misogyny with pictures of two female pilots from PIA, Captain Maryam Masood and First Officer Shumaila Mazhar, who flew a flight to Gilgit and the carrier company calling them their ?dynamic duo? ? the organization is again out there to send shivers down patriarchy?s spine.

Initiating new avenues for women, PIA tweeted a picture of Eeman Faheem, a senior aircraft maintenance technician. With a wide smile on her face, the dutiful and determined woman seemed to be confident in her capabilities. Well, that is how happy you look on your day job if you feel passionately connected to it. With really supportive and appreciative remarks.
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