PIA breaking stereotypes, appoints female technician

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Gender equality has slowly formed its acceptability in Pakistan?s societal sphere ? all due to the persistent efforts of those who believed in it. But it wouldn?t really have been possible if the professional spaces didn?t allow it to propagate.

Though many institutions have thrown away the gender labels previously attached to certain professions and have actually welcomed women in male-dominated professions with a warm heart. Not only has it widened the range of opportunities for women, it has also changed how the society saw women in these unconventional roles.

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has taken some groundbreaking and revolutionary steps to ensure it. Promoting gender diversity in previously male-centric jobs, PIA has been passionately lauded for their unorthodox steps to achieve this unachievable target.

Previously shaking misogyny with pictures of two female pilots from PIA, Captain Maryam Masood and First Officer Shumaila Mazhar, who flew a flight to Gilgit and the carrier company calling them their ?dynamic duo? ? the organization is again out there to send shivers down patriarchy?s spine.

Initiating new avenues for women, PIA tweeted a picture of Eeman Faheem, a senior aircraft maintenance technician. With a wide smile on her face, the dutiful and determined woman seemed to be confident in her capabilities. Well, that is how happy you look on your day job if you feel passionately connected to it. With really supportive and appreciative remarks.
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2 thoughts on “PIA breaking stereotypes, appoints female technician

  1. PIA should first sort out itself and then talk of breaking stereo types. It should reduce it’s 600 staff per aircraft burden to the industry standard of 45 staff per aircraft,. It should eliminate the lavish overhead privileges it gives to it’s executives and reduce corruption at all levels which is a hall mark of PIA. It should finish it’s 15 million rupees daily loss which the public exchequer has to bear, before it boasts of breaking stereo types. For all we can imagine this lady must have also been appointed on some sifarish.

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