PIA ticketing system goes berserk, scares passengers

CHITRAL: The ticketing system of PIA went crazy, at least on 11 Sep when an intending passenger logged online to reserve a seat from Islamabad to Chitral. The system showed the one way fare as Rs 15500/- Not believing his eyes the said person approached two different travel agents, who confirmed the same price of ticket as being showed on the PIA portal. When the passenger rang up the call centre reservations he was quoted a figure of Rs 6950/-. A difference of almost 150 percent in the rates quoted by the online system and the booking office.

When other passengers were asked about the same in the passenger lounge they confirmed that they get exaggerated and unrealistic fare figures on line and even the ticketing office say the fares fluctuate. The 150 percent fluctuation in fares within hours is certainly a world record in mismanagement of airline ticketing anywhere across the globe. With ‘great’ people like these managing the PIA, how can the airline stand on it’s feet again? .. CN report, 2019

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