PIA travel proves horrible experience for Passengers

Chitral: PIA flight between Islamabad and Chitral proved a nightmare for passengers who found that they had been brought to Chitral without their luggage. The next flight now being after five days. A passenger on the flight Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah told CN that he traveled with his family on PK 660 on Friday 24 Aug. After landing at Chitral he found that his bag of standard size and weight had been dumped at Islamabad instead of accompanying him on the flight. It may be pointed out that that the flight was under occupied by about15 seats and the temperatures were also normal, so no excuse on that at least.

On inquiry, the PIA staff at Chitral airport said this was a normal practice going on and many passengers arrive in Chitral without their baggage on regular basis. In the mean time another passenger who seemed to be a serving official also came up and aggressively demanded that his baggage be brought to Chitral in a special flight and handed over to him other wise he would sue PIA. The PIA staff at Chitral airport said they were fed up complaining to PIA Islamabad responsibles, but nobody is paying heed to it. He added many a times baggage of Chitral passengers are sent to Gilgit and vice versa. The irony about the whole thing is that not an eye brow is raised when reports of such irregularities are made and PIA considers it a normal matter to confiscate passengers luggage for days and weeks. ..CN report, 24 Aug 2018

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  1. This sheer negligence on the part of PIA is condemnable. You should claim compensation for the mental agony you have undergone

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