Rewarding sportsmen with Umra on govt expenses

Chitral — It is a tradition that winning players of an important match or tournament in a game (specially cricket) are sent for Umra with tax payers money. This is against the very essence of the religious ritual. Umra as a religious pilgrimage demands financial sacrifice from the individual undertaking it.

Allah Almighty considers the spirit of worship rather than the formality of it. The present victors of cricket tournament are being sent for Umra on public expense. Is it fair?. Don’t these cricketers earn enough to perform Umra on their own if they are desirous of it? Why burden the tax payer on this. It would be more pertinent to give the victors respect and honours in other forms instead of involving religion in sports and also burdening the national exchequer with extending personal favours. ..CN report, 19 June 2017

2 thoughts on “Rewarding sportsmen with Umra on govt expenses

  1. I’m sure in Canada it is also not possible for a prime minister to continue in office after so many skeletons have been found in his cupboard. This is Pakistan,everything is possible.

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