A sad day for Pakistan

A sad day for Pakistan. Prime Minister of the country convicted for being dishonest. This is the real story of Pakistan from top to bottom.



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  1. Very sad news , the decision was unofficially announced long ago before starting proceedings. The mindset of honorable judges reflected 8 months back when they remarked that “we will give decision that will be historical and remembered by the generations”. Today, it was merely a formality to bring on official record. As a consequence, dozens of mega projects will be sacked resulting in billions of losses to the nation. I am of the opinion that Ch. Nisar Ali Khan played a vital role in the entire process.

  2. A sad day for Pakistan because our Prime minister after having been given all possible opportunity to prove himself innocent could not prove so. Pakistan has been ruled by ‘jis ki lathi uski bhains’ all this time. First time a prime minister who happens to be the strongest prime minister Pakistan has seen, who has his tentacles entrenched in all institutions has been brought to justice. No body could have harmed Nawaz Sharif had he been innocent. So it is a sad day that dishonest persons have been ruling Pakistan all this time, as proven by the fair judicial process first time witnessed in Pakistan.

  3. A sad day because Pakistan has had to suffer this corrupt man back in power, when on the 12th October 1999, it should have been the end of him. I remember on that day, rushing around Susum announcing what was going on after picking it up on the BBC, whilst everyone else sat around oblivious during the media blackout. This guy seems to have the lives of a cat though, so I half expect to see him back at the top once again!

  4. Sorry sir, nothing is fair, as already posted above, decision was already made 8 months before according to the instructions of the “policy makers.” of this country.

  5. Musharaf twice abrogated constitutions, introduced NRO which paved way for corruption but we provided him safe exist from the scene instead of trying under article 6. Nawaz Sharif is better than all the political stocks which we have these days but he was not acceptable to establishment because he wanted supermecy of civilian. When Zardari and Rental Raja broke all records of corruption in the history of Pakistan all the forces like Imran Khan, Jamat Islami and establishment as well as supreme court were silent. Because he was acceptable to establishment. People of Pakistan are sure that Nawaz Sharif is not corrupt and he has been disqualified through conspiracy. Yes it is a sad day, because after this judgement we started our journey from zero (1954) Martial Law and Justice Munir (Doctrine of Necessity) again emerged………….very sad….still our judiciary disappointed people of Pakistan. we started from zero………….Yes non democratic forces won and people of Pakistan lost…………..

  6. Not a sad day : A great day great dawn for Pakistan : Allah has turned his rehmah toward Pakistan: Pakistan being run by god fathers, looters,dishonest and incapable people’s: specially sharif family also zardari : these people have looted the country siphoned money out of country and deprived people of Pakistan very basic needs like clean drinking water, health , education, electricity and availability of healthy food and well paying jobs and and creat fair judicial system for every one which is and was their prime responsibility: but to the contrary have made themself billionaire and their families: my sincere wish is : have these punished to maximum and looted money from them back to treasury of Pakistan I don’t belong to any party neither I want to most of the political parties are corrupt, dishonest, incapable including pti if we have capable and talented leadership we can bring Pakistan to developed country level in around 5 years

  7. The comments of Mr. Muhammad Latif reflect the tendency of sympathy for dictatorship type of government in Pakistan. Unfortunately we are still backward of mind and live in jungle.

  8. I am not in favor of dictatorship , to the contrary I want true democracy where people should be accountable. What I would like the end of family dynasties which eats up all public resources and causes unthinkable loss to the country and the masses. Look at the parties make up , every one is run by one family and they are so filled with corruption that now when they get little shake they question the very basic democracy which these leader think they need to practice. Look at nawaz he knows what he has done but believes that should be allowed: only in Pakistan theses people can do this and get away with : I live in USA you can’t imagine of this damagogery I mean unheard I understand Pakistan not USA but my god at least try to work on it : here is what needs to be done 1 ::: have all the parties hold true intraparty election 2:::: here is true solution let candidates get nominated by people of Pakistan which means a primary election where candidate will seek nomination or ( party ticket) this is big one now these god father will loose their grip and attention and financial gain because they sell party ticket and our people become loyalists causes a great loss to true democracy and country : 3 ::: stop giving money to MNA for projects this is nothing but bribery for or buying loyalty 4 :::: once you have election based on this set up you will see cultural and attitudal change people elected by this proces will not bow down to god fathers because they freed now will serve the country lot better then serving. Individual there is lot more I can suggest like sell all governor ‘ houses and chief medical ministers houses will bring in around 1800 billion rupees reschedule foreign debt and stop paying interest on it for 4 years spend all that Money on all development and mine gold in Baluchistan and sell at Dubai market build Sakardu dam will cost 6 billion US dollars and generate 15000 meg power store 28 Msf : lot more I could suggest

  9. Truely speaking, the narrative of your comments is absolutely not attractive and does not yield any fruitful purpose. You are dwelling in USA and as such you can not assess the difference of democracy and dictatorship. The developments projects completed and or under process launched by the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is applauded in the world.

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