Right time to change the system now

Chitral .. “Things get worse before they get better”. The fact that the Prime minister of the country has been convicted and disqualified from holding office, there is an apparent vacuum/crisis in the country for the time being at least. Resetting the same system with different faces will not do any good to Pakistan.

The culprit is our system which produces corrupt and inefficient leaders one after another. If someone else from within the existing system fills the vacant slot of Prime minister, we will descend into a similar quagmire again very soon.

Pakistan has got yet another golden opportunity to set itself right. We need a new social contract. The powers that be, through procedures that are constitutional like a snap referendum, should introduce a Presidential form of government which is being practiced by 85 percent of the countries round the globe. We need to think out of the box if we want improvement in our governance, otherwise we will keep facing crisis upon crises like the present one. .. CN report, 28 Jul 2017

5 thoughts on “Right time to change the system now

  1. The system needs to be disqualified. Disqualifying a few persons is like taking cough linctus for tuberculosis.

  2. Aha what a great comment,if pm Sharif has stolen the qaumi khazana,than what is the amount? The honorable court must have all the critical informations,like date wise records of snatching with amount and possible recovery to national treasury….

  3. There is nothing wrong with the system, the problem is with the forces which dislike supremacy of civilian and disrupt the system according to their own needs. When Z.A Bhutto resisted the system these forces placed Nawaz Sharif as their tool to suppress PPP. When Nawaz Sharif realized the problem and asserted his position to maintain supremacy of the constitution these forces desired to place Imran Khan by replacing NS. This is mouse and cat game which suffer Pakistan. Just imagine all other countries in this particular region going towards stability like India, Bengladesh and even Afghanistan while in case of Pakistan this cat and mouse game damaged our country and it must be stopped for the sack of the country. Otherwise we will suffer more…….The only thing is political stability and change through election but here technical knock-out of elected PM just for the sack of Iqama look absurd and conspiracy these conspiracy must be stopped.

  4. The vision of our Quaid is very clear, We have lost the East Pakistan because we did not accept the decision of majority. We adopted parlimentry l system of government but the elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with two third majority has been disqualified and sent home two times. Unfortunately, four (4) elected Prime Ministers were dismissed by the Army and 4 elected Prime Ministers were discharged by the Judiciary.

  5. The current scenario of the country reflects that the Judiciary is gradually dominating the Parliament. The recent statement of Chairman, Mr. Raza Rubbani is very relevant to current situation. The Misinterpretation of law and misuse of power is very common in our judiciary. The clause 62 – 1 (f) is silent regarding the disqualification period of an public office holder but our honorable judges have for the first time given lifetime punishment of disqualification to the elected Prime Miniister Mian M. Nawaz Sharif which is even against the logic. Another exclusive decision beyond the constitutional obligations is to monitor the process of task assigned to an independent institution i.e. the NAB. This is even an awful precedent in the history of Pakistan. All these things happened are termed to pave way to exhonarate the accused Gen.(R) Pervaiz Musharaf who committed suspension of Constitution two times. It may be recollected that Gen.(R) Pervaiz Musharaf, in his recent statement has apprised the dictatorship as compared to democracy. One can easily assess from the prevailing situation as what is expected in the near future.

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