Presidential system being actively considered?

Presidential system being actively considered?

Chitral — According to senior journalist Sohail Waraich in his recent article, the powers that be are actively considering to change the present parliamentary form of government to a presidential system which is being followed by 90 percent of democratic countries world over.

The golden era of Pakistan was during the presidential system of government from 1958-1969. The economy was at its best , Pakistan was respected world over and institutions were strong.

When came the parliamentary system after the 1971 elections, Pakistan began it’s journey south. There was schmozzle all over, Like too many cooks in the kitchen will ruin the cooking, so did plethora of chief ministers, ministers, pa to minsters, secy to ministers, their secrataries, special assistants and all, set to impede governance instead of helping it. Political blackmailing by regional parties and later by religious parties are all the fruits of parliamentary system. The present state of chaos in the country is a gift of the parliamentary system.

Those who fear a change of system will bring instability are not aware that the presidential system is far more stable than the parliamentary system otherwise 90 percent of the countries would not have adopted it. .. CN report, 2017

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