PM to inaugurate Lowari tunnel on 20 July

Avoidable torture at the Lowari Tunnel

Chitral — Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is scheduled to visit Chitral on 20 July to inaugurate the lowari tunnel. This was disclosed by PML(N) sources and Shahzada Khalid Parvez rep of MNA Shahzada Iftikharuddin, in Chitral today. .. CN report, 18 Jul 2017.

3 thoughts on “PM to inaugurate Lowari tunnel on 20 July

  1. Personally it is a matter of great satisfaction and immense joy for me as 20 July also happens to be my birthday. Though I’m out of the country at this moment but my heart is at the Lowari tunnel thumping with satisfaction. In the hour of jubilation we must not however forget the avoidable sadistic torture meted out to common Chitralis by the NHA during all these years of tunnel construction. Our political leaders instead of thanking the NHA must admonish them in loud and clear words on the inauguration day.
    Who gets the credit for the tunnel is likely to be the next big debate in Chitral, like the debates of Baghdad when Halaku Khan ransacked it in 1258 AD. The credit actually goes to the Chitrali people who showed so much of restraint and patience in not having an all weather road with their country and living with it in the 21st century when humans have reached outer universe.. People outside Chitral just can’t believe this .
    The Prime minister should ensure that after inauguration, the tunnel will be open round the clock and unhindered. The NHA should not find excuses to hamper unrestricted travel through the tunnel on any pretext whatsoever. Happy decent travelling to all.

  2. Of course, it would be a red-letter day for our beloved District of Chitral. Besides inauguration of Lowari Tunnel, we hope and believe that the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan must also announce other mega projects and allocate more funds for development activities in the district because it is the right occasion to win the heart of Chitrali people and to enhance their vote bank for impending general election. We also put forth our genuine demand that once it is inaugurated it should be opened round the clock and save it from further politicization.

  3. Dear Chitrali Nation,
    to day is the greatest day in our history, We all must welcome Mian Nawaz Sharif for his special care about Chitrali nation, we must thanks Allah almighty for his blessings on chitrali peoples , same time we must remind Mr.Nawaz Sharif about 108MW Golen Gol hydro power where we must get 30 MW electricity to Chitral

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