Please increase PIA flights to Chitral

Dear Sir,
Through your esteemed news and views website I would request the PIA authorities to increase air service between Islamabad, Chitral and Peshawar to at least three flights a week. The present two flights a week schedule is insufficient as much as it is lopsided.

If the flight gets cancelled on a Sunday one has to wait till next Friday to travel by air which is ridiculous where regular service is concerned. The Lowari tunnel travel is still cumbersome as one has to reach the tunnel at a particular time to be able to travel through it and that too on a one way traffic causing lots of problems which most civilised people want to avoid.

I also request other private airlines to start air service to Chitral as inflated fare and high occupancy rate on this route makes it very juicy and profitable for any airline. Thank you. .. Muhammad Shabir, Chitral 24 Sep 2017

4 thoughts on “Please increase PIA flights to Chitral

  1. I would rather suggest sir Fardad to buy an ATR with the help of sir Siraj. Both of them are well off and can easily manage to purchase a plane. This is how we will not only have a local airline but will also get rid od the outdated PIA ATRs forever.
    If you people are not ready to start an airline business which, without an iota of doubt is lucrative business, some other rich Chitralis should also go for this venture. Chitral to Islamabad flights and at some later stage it can be expanded to Gilgit Baltistan. And then throughout the country so the only thing is: who will take initiative if not Mr Siraj and Mr Fardad??? Let us think beyond Hindukush Heights and Mountain Inns and go for Hindukush Airlines, Mountain Airlines, ChitralBlue, etc. can be the beautiful name for the new ailines which will certainly change the fate of the valley.

  2. yes i agree & the charges should be reduced (govt employees/journalists)… the PIA cell no/telephone is always busy

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