Panama case; who wins who looses

Chitral — Verdict on the long awaited Panama case has been delivered. Two Judges have given a clear verdict while three have ordered?further investigations. The result of the announcement of verdict has created a somewhat funny situation, where the accused and the accuser are both celebrating, terming it as their victory.

In a legal case, it is up to the judges to decide after hearing all arguments?as to who is right and who is wrong, but after a two month grueling hearing / investigations etc, putting the onus of final judgement onto the shoulders of another team is not understandable.

The two contesting sides?may have their own reasons each to claim victory in this case, but the people of Pakistan are the losers as they did not see crisp and clear justice being delivered?and more particularly the Justice system of Pakistan cannot be proud of this (in)decision. –– CN report, 21 Apr 2017.

One thought on “Panama case; who wins who looses

  1. The defendants victory is no doubt for 60 days more time for trial by JIT which is formed for trial of persons suspected or involved in cases. The head of JIT should have been one the judges of Supreme/High Court other than 5.

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