Pakistan under siege

.. By Islamuddin
Right from its inception Pakistan has been under attack. Pro-India media ridiculed the very name of the country saying that the name by implication considers rest of the world impure and was therefore a racist state. Words like Paki and Musleh were invented as negative references for Pakistanis. Other countries joined hands with India for Pakistan bashing after we detonated nuclear device. U.K, USA, Israel and India started working together to take away Pakistan?s nuclear asset instead of resolving her security concerns which could have neutralized the threats from Pakistan?s nuclear capability. In fact the nefarious Indian designs, pushed Pakistan to opt for nuclear weapons, otherwise it was a peaceful program to generate cheap electric power. There are reasons to believe that our nuclear program was just and a pretext and the fact of the matter is that these countries never reconciled to the creation of Pakistan on the basis of Islamic ideology. The hangover of the crusades and survival of Israel as a Western outpost in the heart of the Muslim world have been the driving forces behind Western policies. In India they found a useful ally. Both shared animosity with Islam.

As long as Pakistanis remained united and their governments patriotic, we had nothing to fear. But now the situation has changed. India and her allies appear to have penetrated in Pakistan first via Taliban and Al Qaeda/ISIL and in recent times through influential groups and political parties. Western funded civil society nexus and economic interests of business groups led by Nawaz Sharif and Mir Shakeel have upped the stakes for Pakistan making her more vulnerable to domestic sabotage. Emboldened by powerful external forces the anti-Pakistan forces inside the country indulged into looting spree taking the money out and investing in offshore accounts and friendly markets. It came no surprise when the Panama JIT came up with revelation that most of the culprits had right to permanent residence abroad. The question is that why they needed dual nationality if not for money laundering, stashing corruption money in those safe havens and for possible migration to those places once the waters inside Pakistan got rough for them to sail.

Indian and Western capacity to dictate terms has been on the rise since the Ziaul Haq days. He did their bidding by depoliticizing the people, dividing the nation on ethnic and sectarian grounds and intervention in Afghan war which provided conduit for the flooding of our society with Kalashnikovs and heroine. Ziaul Haq?s spiritual son, Nawaz Sharif, has been carrying forward this legacy. The Pakistani establishment, blinded by the hatred of Bhutto factor, turned blind eye to the rising menace of Nawaz and avoided to act before it was too late. Now the cat is out of the back. Nawaz Sharif is out to demolish the two remaining institutions of the state having ability to guarantee Pakistan?s survival. It is a measure of the power and audacity of these anti-Pakistan forces that they have enlisted the support of government machinery and funds in their drive to discredit and demolish the independent judiciary and the army.

It is time that the guardians of the country?s security and rule of law acted against these rogue elements, make them accountable for spending people?s taxes on the rally of a disqualified politician and making the country vulnerable for terrorists as the entire government machinery was busy providing security to a person removed from power by the country?s Supreme Court on multiple charges including massive corruption. This rally makes no sense except that Nawaz Sharif wants to blackmail the judiciary and army to offer him NRO otherwise he would make the people rise against the country to make the dream of Akhand Bharat come true. It is in this background that Indian media cries out that their investment in Nawaz Sharif should not go waste. For Nawaz Sharif money is everything. His greed knows no boundaries. For him Pakistan is a business enterprise and not a country to be safeguarded.

Here it is worth mentioning that during one of the Ombudsman conferences held in Wellington, which I attended as part of Pakistani delegation, it was pointed out that Thailand and Hong Kong pursued corruption route for quick economic growth but once this corruption began to be done at the cost of the state, they decided to put a stop to it by establishing Ombudsman institutions. Today corruption is being done at the cost of the state and we do have such institutions but in practice their job is to protect corruption in high places and catch small time petty thieves to justify their fate budgets. This fact was amply brought out during the Panama case hearing in the Supreme Court. NAB turned out to be dead, Parliament emasculated and anti-corruption establishments rendered into a handy tool to victimize opponents. Parliamentary sovereignty is a joke as none of its committees can force a federal secretary to appear before it or share information. Rules of Business are silent about the powers of these committees. Instead of making and upholding laws National Assembly found it fit to eulogize a PM found corrupt by the apex court.

Pakistan is under siege. Never before were the enemies of Pakistan so entrenched in power and supported from inside and abroad. The hostility generated by a name has now found another reason in our nuclear program. It is propagated time and again that the world will not be safe as long as Pakistan remains a nuclear state. In his zeal to save his corruption Nawaz Sharif is playing into enemy hands wittingly or unwittingly. Time will tell the truth. As for now the people of Pakistan would like its judiciary to move fast against corruption and lawlessness. The army must back up the judiciary as they are required under Article 190 of the constitution. Pampered media houses, conniving and indulging in corruption and making common cause with the corrupt rulers, should be taken to task to deter others from playing havoc with national interests to protect and promote their own personal agendas.

The silver lining in the current situation, however, is that it has exposed all the anti state elements. It is now for the guardians of national security to move against them and put an end to this nefarious game once for all. Bangladesh model should be visited for the way out from the quagmire that Nawaz Sharif and his friends have created. Let the Supreme Court take suo motto notice of the smear campaign against state institutions amounting to sedition if not treason. Interim government comprising honest technocrats and patriotic politicians, appointed by the Supreme Court for 2 years, should be mandated to recover stolen wealth of the country estimated at 200 billion dollars stashed abroad before holding elections. The cost of inaction would be perilous. Corrupt political parties having a stake in the corrupt system are likely to join hands to rewrite the constitution to emasculate state institutions and legislate to legalize corruption from back date providing re-entry to Nawaz Sharif. That would be a sad day for Pakistan and rule of law. Please break the siege and help us get out of our sleepless and nightmarish nights and dreams. Let the saner elements in PML, the likes of Ch.Nisar, come out of hibernation and save PML, the founder party of Pakistan, now hijacked by the corrupt mafia, and restore its true image. We may not agree with its present manifesto but we do respect it as our proud legacy. It is unfortunate that the party once led by Jinnah, an epitome of honesty, truth, sagacity, honour, incorruptibility and sacrifice has come into the hands of Sicilian mafia. .. Islamuddin, Garum Chashma 13 Aug 2017

5 thoughts on “Pakistan under siege

  1. Hahahahah, what a logic, you and your mentors created such perception in the country and shattered the very democratic foundation of Pakistan which was base of this country creation. Nawaz Sharif is real asset of the country, but unfortunately according your version every Pakistani if he question about matter of the state is regarded as traitor. Because under the shadow of this faulty slogan you have to make people silent so that they can not question you. Pakistan has no other enemies except the people who are awarding decree of loyalty and patriotism on the basis of discrimination. We must learn a lesson from the past, when we used these words against Bengali’s who were real founder of the country, they separated from us. Please have mercy on the country and do not try to pass decree for people loyalty. All Pakistanis are hardworking, loyal and patriot and they do not need any decree from you to pass for their loyalty and patriotism. When PNA movement was at full swing then establishment used even Masques to create hate against Bhutto and his govt, but people like you and few media channels are used to discredit and malign Pakistani leaders and people. Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari, Maulana Falu Rehman, Imran Khan, Sirajul Haq etc are our leaders and they are not traitor and they do not need any decree from people like you to show them as patriotic. Mir Shakeel is a big name and he has done remarkable service to Pakistan through his electronic and print media and channels. People of Pakistan also has high respect for him, if he criticize you on the basis of certain policy matter then instead of convincing him through dialogue and negotiation you are going to malign him through coercion and victimization. Being a citizen of the country and tax payer I have my democratic right to criticize certain policy of the govt, and govt role should be to give me answer instead of passing decree of traitor and disloyal. Pakistanis are very brave and courageous people and they have defended this country in all type of unfriendly situation. Yesterday million of people gathered in Lahore to welcome their leader Mr. Nawaz Sharif and you use lose language against him. It means you try to malign will of the million people who accept Nawaz Sharif as their leader. Yes you can criticise Nawz Sharif on the basis of policy and governance but you do not have the right to pass decree about his loyalty. Democracy, Democracy and democracy is the only option if it has not been intervened. Pakistan on the way to progress during NS govt, economic indicators were positive and how can you say that Bengladesh Model or xyz model. The only model is democracy and will of people must be respected. If institutions especially judiciary and establishment again interfered into the mandate of people through backdoor conspiracies the system will be out of control. Let the system run and let the people decide in the next election who will rule over Pakistan. If NS govt is not ousted through backdoor conspiracies, if peaceful transfer of power take place it will strengthen the system and brought more stability in the country, but our rashness to bash politicians brought us at this stage and just for nothing instability is created in the country. We must respect will and mandate of people and that is the only way to progress. Pakistan zindabad, Quaid E Azam Zindabad, and all democratic leaders of Pakistan Zindabad.

  2. I am not a supporter of Mian Nawaz Sharif. But in the prevailing politics of Pakistan, it is the few known and test political parties who win elections and form government mostly through coalitions. We have seen the performance of democracies under different political parties but the core issues of the country have not been resolved by any party. What are the core issues that the country faces? These are rule of law, equality before the law, effective performance and functionality of institutions and organs of the state in such a way that its benefits reach even the most ordinary person of the country. I do agree that Pakistan is under siege by her enemy countries. However, we must acknowledge the fact that Pakistan is also under siege by her own elite ruling classes of different hue and colour and their immediate coteries. We had experience with different governments both democratic and non-democratic but again the fundamental issues of the country are still the same. Corruption and poverty are on the rise and the socioeconomic indicators of the country seldom provide encouraging signs.

    The hugest and strangest problems of all is the problem with the people. The people mostly vote for the same people and the same tested people return to the corridors of power. The big political parties and their leaders search for wining candidates in each constituency. The winners make a government of a type which can be called as ‘winners- take- all’ form of a government. Renowned columnist M.B Naqvi in his column of July 18, 2017 in the daily ‘Dawn’ under the title ‘wood in the axe’ discussing the prevailing situation wrote thus: ‘ what is astonishing is the victim of tyranny often become the ardent supporter of the oppressor who often target their flock’. He further wrote that ‘ it is for the wood in the axe that enables the axe to cut more and more wood. Had there not been any wooden handle in the axe the sharpened axe would not have been able to cut woods’.

  3. MR. AHMAD AZAM : I fully agree with your narrative on the news report of Mr. Islam-ud-Din. I understand the language of the writer. It is evident that The funds are transferred to Imran Khan by the Jewish Lobby via Indian Companies. Whereas on the other hand, Mr. Khan accuses the opponents for money laundering. Unfortunately, the history of Pakistan is very sluggish from the very beginning. The conspiracy was started by some armed forces officers and their civilian corroborators. The conspiracy against Liaquat Ali Khan was however leaked out and all of the planners were arrested and awarded punishment of 10 years imprisonment. Subsequently, Liaquat Ali Khan was assassinated while addressing a public meeting and the shooter was also shot dead on the spot. There was no allegation of corruption against P.M. Liaquat Ali Khan. Since then, the conspiracy is going on. I am 72 of age and remember 70 years history of Pakistan. I use to quote the wordings of Mr. Indra Gandhi, Indian P.M. in 1972 which I wont’ like to repeat.

  4. We have to understand the reality that our political leaders are hand-cuffed before establishment. If we glance over political history of Pakistan establishment did not allow any democratic govt to make decision on major issues. In 1998 Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif then (Bhari Mandate) PM invited Vajpaee then Indian PM to Lahore and one of the historic charter was signed between the two leaders to resolve all outstanding issues of both countries through dialogue and negotiation. To sabotage that historic process then establishment used Jamat Islami and on the very next day Late Hussain Ahmad then Amir of Jamat Islami washed Minar Pakistan because Indian PM addressed from that place and made it dirty. It was first time any Indian PM recognized Pakistan wholeheartedly from Minar Pakistan. And later on Pervez Musharaf planned Kargil which completely shattered the peace process and ultimately then PM Nawaz Sharif was sacked and the rest is history. When Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto initiated normalization of relation with India she had been declared security risk and malicious propaganda had been created against her. And even then interior minister Aitizaz Ahsan had been blamed that he had provided list of Khalistan movment fighters to Indian Govt. Can anyone believe that any Interior minister could have access to such list. But through propaganda that govt was not only ousted but declared as security risk. This time when PM Nawaz Sharif visited India to attend Indian PM Narindar Modi oath taking ceremony it was disliked and immediately dharan through Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri has been started and the rest is history. We can not blame political leaders for any failure, but we can blame political leaders that they become puppet of establishment in order to get at power. Nawaz Sharif used establishment to get at power and was used in the conspiracy against PPP govt, now Imran Khan is used to oust Nawaz Sharif, in future if Imran Khan become PM and if he take some bold step another puppet will be used to destabilize his govt. Ultimately it is the fault of political leaders that they become puppet of establishment to destabilize the system, until and unless political leaders realize the matter and refuse to become puppet of establishment for myopic reasons then political stability come into Pakistan. Political leaders are hand-cuffed in the matter of foreign policy, internal security, defense etc, and they are blamed as security risk, corrupt and unfit for the position this is the tragedy and it must be revisited and political leaders can re-assert their role if they respect each other mandate and refuse to become puppet of establishment and this is the way forward.

  5. We must learn lesson from the mistakes which we committed during 1958-1970. First snatched government from people and all the powers have been concentrated in the hand of single dictator. Secondly we have rigged election against Mother Millat Fatima Jinnah and it was last chance to win confidence of our Bengali Brothers, instead of realizing the mistake we called it our success like we did at present time. When Our Bengali brothers won the vote we denied them their right of government and still we were happy that we had done some good job. We have declared Sheikh Mujeebur Rahman as traitor like now we are using the same word against those Pakistani leaders who have different view about any policy matter. And at last we not only lost our eastern wing but badly humiliated before the world. If we continue our marginalist approach and sideline leaders one after another then we will face chaos and ultimately we will have to pay huge lose of this policy. We must respect mandate of people, we must give respect to their leader instead of bashing them in media through hired people, we must act upon inclusive approach, we must think on long term basis instead of short term if we desire stable and strong Pakistan.

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