Open letter from an ex student political worker

Dear Sir,
Through your online newspaper I wish to express my views on the useless time I spent as a student worker of a political party organisation in my college.

When I first joined college I found students divided into groups and student wings of different political parties. I also joined one group as I wanted support and security which could only be had by being part of some student political organisation.

In college I found little attention was being paid to studies by both students and teachers alike and most of the time was spent on discussing politics. I got the impression that the student wing which I had joined would support me in getting through exams and get me a good job when my party comes in the government. I was dissapointed and now I am left in the middle of no-where with my studies ruined and my time wasted and the persons, the organisation and party for whom I kept chanting slogans not ready to help me as I expected.

Through this letter I appeal to the government to have pity on students and ban all kind of political activities in educational institutions, as such activities only produce useless individuals who later become a burden on the society. I also appeal to parents to keep an eye on their children who get hijacked by political parties and who learn cheating and waste time in college only to regret later on. I also appeal to all the students to pay attention to their studies in schools and colleges and stay away from politics as it has destroyed lives of many bright students by trapping them in a pointless pursuit called student politics. .. Muhammad Zeeshan, Chitral 31 Aug 2017.

2 thoughts on “Open letter from an ex student political worker

  1. I agree with Muhammad Zeeshan. Political organisations should be banned from colleges and universities as they are dissuading young students from their primary objective of studies and tethering them on to useless political activities.

  2. We need to promote research groups in our institutes instead of political student wings who do nothing expect wasting time of students.

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