Not over yet, the tunnel nuisance to continue!

Chitral : According to a notification of the NHA, shared by MNA Chitral on facebook, the tunnel will be opened for one way traffic only for three hours during the day for passenger traffic and nine hours at night for goods traffic.

Even before the paint on the inauguration board of the Lowari tunnel drying up, the NHA has done it’s deed of hampering travel through the tunnel just like when it was under construction. Either the Prime Minister told lies about unrestricted travel through the tunnel from today onward or the NHA is trying to spoil the broth by imposing their notorious restrictions to belittle the Prime Minister.

When the tunnel is a two way facility duly inaugurated by the PM what justification does the NHA have to restrict it to one way traffic. In this way Chitralis will be tortured for God knows how many more years on one flimsy pretext or the other.

The people/political leaders of Chitral should should show some spine and rise against this nonsense and demand round the clock unhindered travel through the tunnel as every tunnel in the world is meant to be. .. CN report 21 July 2017

7 thoughts on “Not over yet, the tunnel nuisance to continue!

  1. During the period 2013-2018 when work on the tunnel was completely stopped by the PPP government and the tunnel was narrow and in a rough form traffic was allowed both ways round the clock, by the Army engineers in charge there. There were no traffic jams no accidents, no pollution inside despite trucks plying up and down whole day because at any one time the amount of vehicles passing through the tunnel were very less. Now that the tunnel’ width has been doubled and paved, it is not understandable why traffic cannot pass both ways. What is the use of a half tunnel. That way the tunnel of 2013 was better than this inaugurated tunnel.

  2. Now the issue is not of opening the tunnel but it is of closing the tunnel, because a tunnel when inaugurated is supposed to be open round the clock. If 2% work is left then the tunnel should be closed for 2% of the time, why 50% of the time. Chitralis are being taken for a ride on the tunnel yet again.

  3. Why did Nawaz sharif inaugurate an incomplete project? 8 km long Atabad tunnel took 3 years to complete from scratch. Nawaz sharif had to complete a 70% completed project 4 years ago and it is still under construction.

  4. The political leaders and Chitral authorities should impose themselves on the NHA to keep the tunnel open during whole day and the work inside should be carried out at night as it doesn’t matter inside the tunnel whether day or night. Giving only 1.5 hours one way during daytime and forcing passengers to travel at night is not fair. We should now be clear whether few workers of NHA/SAMBU working at night is more difficult or hundreds of passengers including women and children travelling through the Lowari mountains and the tunnel at night is more difficult. There should be tunnel closing schedule not tunnel opening schedule now, that the tunnel has been formally inaugurated. If it is still under construction and travel restriction is there for 99 percent of daytime hours, then the inauguration was a fraud.

  5. Some thing is better than nothing. Credit goes to MNA. PPP government did nothing but sorry to the local leadership of PPP now they will go to the people , ask vote for BB and young BzB. Shame to them.

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