A new political party PPF gets commissioned by ECP

Islamabad .. A new political party by the name of Pakistan Peoples Front (PPF) has been launched after being duly registered and notified by the Election Commission of Pakistan. The party has a green flag with the letters PPF written in the center in black letters with white background. It has been allotted ‘saddle’ as an election symbol. Hashim Khan Hoti is the president of the party.

In a swarm of political parties in Pakistan, the PPF ?stands distinct as it has in it’s fold some of Pakistan’s eminent personalities who have excelled in whatever fields they were involved in, before joining the party.

The party has been founded by Lieut Gen (r) Raza Muhammad Khan HI(M) who has been President of the National Defense University besides serving as Corps Commander of a strike corps of Pakistan Army. The CEC of the party consists of some equally accomplished and distinguished personalities.

The mandate/manifesto, organisation and plans of the PPF can be viewed on their official website at ?http://www.ppfnow.org/ppf.html ? ? .. CN report, 08 Sep 2017

3 thoughts on “A new political party PPF gets commissioned by ECP

  1. Good to see a new party with prominent personalities in the Central Executive Committee. Hope this will prove to be a different political party than the crowd and will practically deliver something on ground.

  2. This seems to be a political party to represent the establishment. The PPF will most likely promote the point of view of the powers that be.

  3. Our political parties are mostly managed by professional politicians who take up politics as a lucrative source of living. People who do not aim to earn money from politics but want to serve the society and the country through a political platform are indeed rare. This new party looks promising after going through its manifesto and it’s composition. However ‘proof of the pudding is in the eating’. Let us see what it stands for and how does it fare on ground.

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