Nazims speak out against corrupt officials

Chitral –?Village Nazimeen forum Drosh has demanded from the Chief Minister and Minister Local bodies to take disciplinary action against Assistant Director local bodies Noorul Wahab and Assistant Engineer?Faheem Jalal. They alleged that the afore mentioned officials were openly demanding bribes for carrying out their duty in official capacity. They said PTI claims to wage a war against corruption and this is a test case for the PTI government. They said PTI should not only claim but take practical steps against corruption and we have pointed out two glaring cases of corrupt officials who hamper and spoil the Nazimeens work if not given bribe. — BH Azad, 20 Feb 2017

2 thoughts on “Nazims speak out against corrupt officials

  1. This is happening in all departments. Good thing about Local Body system is that it gives voice to the people at the grass root level. If there was no LB system such corruption would have gone unchecked.

  2. Corruption is a curse. According to a personal information from Chitral, corruption is in its full swing in various government departments of Chitral from top level to the bottom. The corruption money has a multi dimensional effect not only on the corrupt person but also on the entire family members of corrupt official. The disease of piles of different kind is very common in corrupt people and their family members. The corruption spots are clearly visible on the faces of corrupt people. The government representatives and the social activist are therefore requested to come forward and highlight the names of such corrupt officials through the social media as has initiated by the Village Nazim of Drosh Tehsil.

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