Lowari tunnel work goes from static to sprint

Chitral — The ever delayed Lowari tunnel project is reaching near conclusion as full fledged work has begun inside after PM Nawaz Sharif instructed the tunnel be completed to be inaugurated by him at the end of next month. The prime minister had thrice announced date of its inauguration first in Dec 2016, then March 2017 and now June 2017.but each of the earlier two times it was postponed for unknown reasons although there was no dearth of funds.

Even now the PM’s wise advisers were advising him to delay the inauguration till near general elections but an uproar in the?social media and the press was reported to the PM who then instructed the tunnel to be completed by the promised date.

About a month ago our correspondent passed through the tunnel and it was presenting a deserted look with hardly?a dozen workers fumbling inside, but now the same correspondent witnessed hectic activity both inside and outside the tunnel. Maximum?attention was being given to the PM’s helipad and venue of the inauguration compared to the actual work inside the tunnel. .. CN report, 29 May 2017.
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3 thoughts on “Lowari tunnel work goes from static to sprint

  1. No funds were available when Chitral was disconnected from the rest of the world and people were dying trying to cross Lowari. This includes the incumbent Prime Minister who is in power for the third time. Now suddenly when he needed to inaugurate projects before going down in Panama case, funds are generated magically. This is not how a country should work.

  2. Afreen apki phateecher soch par Sami Islam sahib. Look! the next tenure is also written in the name of Nawaz Sharif. He will never step down on the demand of a corrupt bureaucrat’s son.

  3. It is so sad that everything in Pakistan is tailored to the whims, likes and dislikes of an individual at the helm of affairs. There is no importance of institutions and genuine needs and requirements of the people.

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