Jihad through sermons against food adulteration needed

Dear Sir
I saw a harrowing video about the gravity of food adulteration in Pakistan on chitralnews.com. Things have become so bad that we cannot be sure of?any food item we are eating. I request the Ulema kiram to wage a war through their sermons against adulteration in food items and medicines.

If this kind of adulteration of food stuff would have been there during the time of our Holy Prophet (PBUH), the adulteraters?would be receiving?capital punishment and this act would have been prohibited as much (perhaps even more severely) than?consuming alcohol.

Why I am requesting the religious preachers is because the government has lost its hold over such?affairs and it cannot do much other than random feeble checks here and there without any punishment, signifying nothing.

The Ulema kiram can address those people who indulge in such practices by scaring them with the punishment of hell in the after life, which seems the only effective dose for such hardened muslims who think all their?sins including such sins would?be pardoned by offering touba in old age or by offering Haj etc. .. Faridul Haq, Chitral 01 May 2017.

2 thoughts on “Jihad through sermons against food adulteration needed

  1. Ulema karaam of Chitral can play a big role in this matter but unfortunately they are busy with more important issues. Food and medicine adulteration and any other social issue do not fall in the category of being important for them.

  2. It is very important to save the lives of the people because there are very frequently heart risks reports in Chitral, one of the reasons of this can be the adulteration of unhygienic things with daily consumption. unfortunately, we are near to FATA and the like areas where these low standard foodstuffs like cooking oil and chips etc are made without any standard test and supervision. nowadays people have started to slaughter Dogs and many other haram animals, therefore, Ulemma and other religious people must educate the people about their impact on the human beings and their repercussions in eternal life.

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