At full gallop: Pakistan?s population has reached 207.7 million

Pakistan?s population has reached 207.7 million, said Pakistan Bureau of Statistics in a census summary published moments ago.

According to census results, the total population of Pakistan remained 207,774,520 till the end of June 2017.

Punjab lead the charts with over 110 million population while Sindh had some 47 million residents; KPK had 30 million while Balochistan had 12 million resident

Interestingly, Islamabad houses 2 million individuals.

PBS said that this data is shared as provisional summary and complete details of the census will be shared with public at a later stage.

The Provisional summary results show an overall increase in?population by 57% over the year 1998, while the population increased by 146.6 %?since Census-1981.

There is a decline in the population growth rate at national level?and in Punjab and Sindh Provinces, while an increase has been observed in the Provinces of KP, Balochistan and FATA.

The trends of urbanization in Pakistan as per the provisional results of the Census are given below:

Not to mention, Pakistan?s population was mere 84 million in 1981, which grew to 132 million in 1998 to ultimately reach 207.7 million in 2017.

Also to note that urban share of population grew from 28.30% in 1981 to 36.38% in 2017.

As per the Provisional results, the urban population shows a growing trend with 36.38 % of the population living in urban areas.

The comparative position of Provinces and Areas shows similar trend in urban population with a slightly higher increase in the Punjab.

On the other hand a significant decrease has been observed in the percentage of urban population in ICT which gone down from 65.72% to 50.58%, indicating that growth occurred in the rural areas of Islamabad. Amongst the provinces, Sindh is the most urbanized province, where 52.02% population lives in urban areas.

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