Dream realized: Prime Minister flies in a Fighter jet

Chitral .. The prime minister of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi availed the privilege of being the Commander in Chief of the armed forces by flying in an F-16 aircraft at an Air force fighter base. This is the first time ever a Prime Minister of Pakistan has taken such an initiative. According to sources, PM Abbasi being the son of an Air force bomber pilot Air Cdre Khakan Abbasi (late) had a childhood dream of flying a jet fighter aircraft. As a prime minister he got the opportunity and promptly availed it. The gesture has been widely appreciated by the people as a good precedence and an encouragement to those who risk their lives every day flying the most demanding machines of the time. Earlier Putin of Russia and G Bush of the USA are on record to have flown in fighter planes wearing G suits. .. CN report, 10 Sep 2017

3 thoughts on “Dream realized: Prime Minister flies in a Fighter jet

  1. It is a very good gesture and demands lots of guts. However we hope that tomorrow when the prime minister steps down from office, he will not mention this feat as his biggest achievement as Prime minister!

  2. He did not fly the F-16 rather he was sitting in the back seat and the machine was flown by a professional pilot not the prime minister. He may be the son of a pensioned air force officer, it is not necessary he himself can take such a huge machine in the sky all alone. So comparing him with Putin and Bush is a bit unfair and that too by a professional pilot like Sir Fardad who has remained a wonderful officer. I am sure Sir Siraj, another brilliant Chitrali pilot will also agree with me.

    1. Yes, Captain Umair. You have pointed out a pertinent point. The word should have been ‘flown in’ instead of ‘flown’ for Putin and Bush (who flew in same capacity) which has duly been corrected. As for our PM the title says ‘PM flies in a fighter jet’ which clearly indicates he did not have controls of the F-16 but merely flew in it. Even this is a daring feat for a civilian prime minister. Appears you are a pilot too that is why you observed the technical point. Thank you for for your observation and remark.

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