There should be a ban on inauguration ceremonies in Chitral

Chitral .. The issue of inauguration ceremonies has cost Chitral a lot and hardly does the average Chitrali realise it. The Lowari tunnel was to be ready and inaugurated by the Prime Minister last December but apparently his advisers suggested to him that the inauguration be delayed to as much near the general elections as possible so that it is fresh in the mind of Chitralis on voting day. Who is the looser in this strategy?- the Chitralis of course.

Like wise the DSL fiber optic had been laid and was lying dormant for months over?the issue of ‘who will inaugurate it?’. Only after the wait became too long with issue remaining?unresolved did the Fiber optic started working the other day without any inauguration ceremony. Similarly the supply of electricity from Golen mini hydel despite it being ready, is dangling because the issue of who should inaugurate it remains?unresolved.

In order to?eradicate nonsensical practices and bring rationality?to governance, all kind of inaugural ceremonies by government officials and/or politicians should be banned until and unless the project was?built with personal money of the person.

Some years back The Japanese built a beautiful Chowni bridge?in Chitral town in record time. There was no inauguration ceremony of the beginning of work nor on its?completion. One fine morning vehicles started plying on the newly built bridge and people praying in their hearts for magnanimity and practicality of the Japanese.

We spend much of our efforts in trying to determine who should get credit for?a certain job. This is the sign of an insecure and weak nation. Our leaders should set personal examples and refuse to be chief guest on an inaugural function of any project built with public money. .. CN report, 18 Mar 2017

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