It’s meeting time at ‘All Parties’: issue yet another warning

Chitral — A meeting of All Parties representatives was held?under the chairmanship of JI Amir Moulana Jamshed Ahmad. The participants expressed deep despair over the the non availability of Lowari tunnel to travelers. Speakers said, one day a week tunnel opening is a joke with Chitralis and against ground realities. The meeting threatened to hold a shutter down strike next Thursday if minimum two days a week are not given for use of?tunnel. Those present included president PMLN, Gen Secy PPP, Traders union president, Drivers union president and some Nazims of village councils. However conspicuous?with their absence were the District and Tehsil Nazims, The MNA and MPAs and any representative of the PTI. –?CN report, 06 Jan 2016.

3 thoughts on “It’s meeting time at ‘All Parties’: issue yet another warning

  1. Without the District Nazim, the MNA, the MPAs the Tehsil Nazims, what kind of an all parties meeting is this. Are the above mentioned not in any party or are they not concerned with the important problem of Chitralis?

  2. With reference to the All Parties Meeting, the current tensing situation at Lowari Tunnel needs the special attention of the Federal and KPK Government as well. It is a matter of security of hundreds of people travelling accross the Lowari tunnel. The Korean Company as well as the NHA is responsible to remove the glasiers and clear the roads for traffic movement on both sides of Lowari Tunnel. But both the agencies are declined to deploy the labourer with heavy machinery for clearance of roads. The agencies also do not allow the vehicles to pass through the Lowari Tunnel which further develops a critical situation for the people. I would like to request the social organizations and peoples representatives related to all parties to form a delegation to meet the authorities before calling for agitation.

  3. Shutter down strike does not bear results as seen in the past. Instead, the All parties leaders along with the people should protest at the tunnel site and have a dharna over there until their demand is accepted.

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