Woman complains of being sold out on marriage pretext

Chitral — A young woman from Torkhow upper Chital has filed a case in the court of law against four persons who acted as agents to one Chaudry Anwar of Azad Kashmir and sold her on the pretext of marriage to the afore mentioned person for a sum of six lac ruppees. The accused person allegedly kept her without performing ‘nikah’ and kept molesting her.

The aggreived woman said she with much difficulty managed to contact a Chitral based social service organisation named ‘Ajuman Dawat e Hazeemat’ and through their effort she manged to reach back Chitral. She named her accused persons as Hamid Khan of Ayun, Said Gul of Uchust, Qari Saboor and Qari Nemat, She lamented that despite court summons, the accused have not borthered to appear in court.

It may be mentioned that virtually selling off women from poor families to outsiders in the name of marriage, has been going on for a long time and there are known persons who act as the dealmakers in this business but despite being scorned and scoffed at from time to time, they continue their wicked business. Strict laws to ensure the security of women marrying ourtside the district need to be made and enforced so that poor and naive Chitrali women do not suffer at the hands of unscrupulous people. — CN report

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  1. The lawlessness in the district is dominated in every walk of life. Selling of women is easier than selling of cattle in the market. Moreover, Sale/purchase of immovable property without any supporting document as substantial evidence of ownership is very common. This ugly situation reflects the slackness of District Administration of Chitral. The nominated persons accused for in this particular case belong to Chitral but could not be arrested by the Chitral Police despite summons of the court of law. This reflects the poor performance and corruption of KPK Government almost in every district. In contrary to it, the PTI leaders rediculously claim that KPK government is now free of corruption and nepotism. The illegal sale/purchase of land in Chitral has deprived the Chitralis living outside Chitral from the inherited properties in Chitral. The Bye-laws governed by Rules and Regulations are existed but the District Management including Judiciary has failed to implement.

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