Will we have change of system or mere change of faces?

Chitral — Political turmoil in Pakistan is reaching a culminating point. Happenings hour to hour indicate a change. Now the million dollar question is “what will this change be like”?. Will it result in abdication/removal of the Prime minister who is the prime target of this protest and replacement by another figure from his party or elsewhere, or will it lead to a complete change of the system.

If the first case turns up to be, then it would be a misfortune for Pakistan yet again, as it will further cement the existing system. A change of face within the same sick system only acts as a dose of Asprin, but in the long run it nourishes the germs that are causing the disease, as we have experienced again and again in Pakistan.

Even if someone who is widely considered the better one in honesty index amongst politicians is put up as a replacement, he will not be able to do anything with this system and after a couple of years will put his hands up or be pushed out by the system itself and thus the rut will continue.

The fault lies with the system, which produces leaders whom we scorn the day they take over power and continue to do so till the day we oust them ignominiously.

If the supreme court is really worried about instability in the country, it should make it’s move for establishment of a stable system in the country. Through a referendum a presidential form of government can be inducted in Pakistan and 60 percent of our instability problems will be solved automatically. How it is done can be worked out, and everything can be managed and worked out if the intentions are sincere, of course the change should not be expected through the existing parliament as it will never endorse a system which ends it’s ‘thanedari’ and people’s miseries, as politicians virtually thrive on peoples miseries, by default.

This is a defining moment for Pakistan and history has given us another chance to mend our ways. the first step here would be to switch over to a Presidential form of government which is being practiced by 90 percent of democratic countries in the world. — CN report, 31 Oct 2016.

11 thoughts on “Will we have change of system or mere change of faces?

  1. With due regard, let me say no system will be successful in this country unless and untill we establish ourselves and stand as one nation in line with the world community.
    Today, we are divided nation and totally forgotten the ideology and lost our identity. Thr major reason is that our young Genereration is unaware of the history of Pakistan. Would that our children had studied the books of Nasim Hijazi particularly that of (1) Khak or Khoon and (2) Shaheen. The No. 1 reflects the eye-witnessed story of the world largest migration event of 1947 which ended in sacrifice of thousands of Muslims. The brutality and barbarism dealt with by the Sikhs and Hindus with our sisters and mothers could not be mentioned in social media. Similarly, the book-2 reflects the causes of down fall of Islamic Republic of Spain. The same situation is now
    being excercised in Pakistan.
    The electronic media has played an important role to destroy the future of our young generation. The blame is diverted and posed at the politicians. One of the so called intellectual and analyst is well known by me. About 10 years back, he was carrying out Bar-B-Q service at Model Town More, Lahore. To-day, he is the most popular analyst in a re-known news channel. He claimed more than one time that we are not a nation rather we are a crowd. Unfortunately, none has criticised his awful remarks.

  2. There is nothing wrong with the system, Pakistan all socioeconomic indicators are in positive direction. There is price stability and economic consolidation and CPEC is also materializing which will further improve our economy. The problem is that PTI afraid to contest election on the basis of its zero performance in KP and his chance to win single seat in the next election is bleak. Therefore PTI resort to grab power by-passing all the constitutional norms. if Imran Khan would bring reform at provincial level through profound thinking and intensive consultation he would present KP as model province in the coming election. System is on the progress and will of the people must prevail and change should come through election. There should not be any type of violence and lockdown of any capital. If there is something wrong with the system and Nawaz Sharif is corrupt then people of Pakistan will reject him in the next election 2018 like they did in case of Zardari and elect Imran Khan as new PM. System is on the track and continuity of the system will bring result like it did in case of India. What is difference between India and Pakistan, as India emerged as vibrant and largest democratic country in the world but we are still asking question about the question. Very sorry to say, system is quite best and at present federal government is also working with full capacity. I am neither worker of PTI nor PML (N), I am citizen of Pakistan and I think we should not ask question about the system. We must let the system grow then all the problems will automatically resolve. This is the way forward.

  3. I do not agree with the word “change of faces” dear try to understand that in the history of Pakistan only one time we have had change through election which was previous one. This change also brought positive result and Zardari system was rejected by the people of Pakistan and we have Nawaz Sharif on the helm of affair. In the next time probably Imran Khan would be our PM and if he would not be able to deliver he will also be replaced by people of Pakistan. Continuity of system is the only way to get rid of this morass in which we are stuck…..

  4. Instability and confrontation will further weaken our beloved country. All political parties should work in coordination to resolve chronic issues of Pakistan, like peace and stability, socioeconomic development and peace and prosperity. Imran Khan must make strategy for 2018 election and after winning majority he should implement his agenda of change. Confrontation will weaken our country. I also agree with honorable Ashraf Hussain that asking questions about system is definitely absurd. System is on the right track it needs continuity and stability to trickle down benefits to the people.

  5. All my friends including Syed Ahmad Shahzad, Ashraf Hussain and Adil have given substantial evidence in support of the current system. I am fully agreed to their point of view. All of us should think in the larger interest of our country. All our institutions should function efficiently in good manner. The heads of the government departments particularly should be honest and ensure responsibility to eliminate corruption in their lower formation. And finally, accross the board accountability needs to be carried out from top level to the bottom.

  6. India and Pakistan got independence on the same date but today India is ahead of Pakistan in all socioeconomic indicators. India emerged as world largest democracy and consolidated its largest position since independence in spite of different separatist movements continued in India. In case of Pakistan our positioned crumbled so severely that not any international team ready to visit Pakistan to play cricket or any other game. While world celebrities visits India to pass their vacation and to enjoy recreation. What is the cause of this big difference between the two countries which got independence on same date. The difference is democracy and democracy. In India democracy is allowed to function and gradually there came political maturity. In case of Pakistan our democratic system uprooted four times without any solid justification. What was justification of Ayub Khan martial law? Why Ayub Khan transferred power to Yahya Khan instead of Speaker national assembly which was written in 1962 constitution. What was justification of Ziaul Haq Martial law and last not least what was justification of Musharaf Martial law? We lost our international credibility because of these dictatorship. At present Nawaz Sharif is doing his utmost efforts to bring economic stability up to high extent. Nawaz Sharif is not an ideal but comparatively he is the best one as compare to existing stuff of politicians which we have these days. We must give time to democracy and it will be the best way to promote political culture in the country.

  7. Comparison of Pakistan with developed countries is not fair. I am 100% agreed with the arguments presented by Mehmood and correctly narrated facts and figure. This time there are discussions on leaks in media and dawn leak is also on the air. There are apprehension that dawn leak resulted damage to our international credibility. I am not agree with this notion. If we look at the matter thoroughly than not dawn leak damaged our status, but finding Osama Bin Ladin from Abbatabad Compound, arresting Khalid Shekikh Mehmood from Punjab, targeting Mullah Akhtar Mansoor at Queta and the list is tool long damaged our international position. Why all the world terrorist have safe sanctuaries in Pakistan and who is behind this conspiracy? We must profoundly look on these issues to project soft image of our country in the world. Kashmir Movement is genuine democratic and separatist movement but India convinced world to tag this movement with terrorism because of our own blunders. In case of Panama Leaks there is political movement in progress in the country which must also be resolved through dialogue and negotiation. Imran Khan trust on the judiciary and changing his dharna into thanks giving day is also positive step. Our political leaders work in coordination to resolve problems of Pakistan instead of political rivalry. If we ensure two things in the country it will result improvement in the system one is continuity of the system and trust on electoral process and secondly complete dissociation of Pakistan from any type of extremism and terrorism. COAS Raheel Sharif is doing very well and controlled wave of terrorism in tribal areas up to some extent but he must play his role to completely discourage extremism and terrorism in Pakistan without any differentiation. We have two problem one is governance and second is terrorism. We can better manage these issues through giving time to democracy to grow and to get strength. In Pakistani perspective federal government and Nawaz Sharif is also doing well but we must not compare Pakistan with western countries.

  8. I was very dissapointed to see Imran Khan’s grand call of Islamabad lock down fizzle out after confronting containers and tear gas shelling. Barriers, tear gas, lathi charge, arrests, are part of any aggressive movement and he should have known it. Change of status quo is not offered in a plate. Half baked and unplanned movements with uncommitted leaders/workers end up like this. As for a judicial commission, it is a plate of Halwa for Nawaz Sharif. Has any commission ever done any thing before, so we could expect this one to do so?. Imran Khan should be appreciated for his solo struggle for 17 years. But for God sake he should now not bank on any umpire anymore. He should stop personal attacks on Nawaz Sharif and start a struggle for change of the system to Presidential form with direct voting. Staying in this system and hoping change will be presented to him gift wrapped is foolish thinking on his part. As for present, it looks like neither will faces change nor the system. We are in for “more of the same” rut.

  9. The “Dawn daily” in it’s recent issue has pointed out that 98.7% of Pakistanis are registered agent of various local and foreign agencies including Mosad and Raa. The question is ‘how the paper has calculated the figure and what is the source of information? If the given figure is believed to be correct, the integrity of the state is in jeopardise. So, let us be mentally prepared for another mishap with the country.
    Certainly, the information given by the Dawn is absolutely incorrect and un-believeable. Similarly, EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE PUBLISHED BY THE PAPER IS ALSO UN-BELIEVABLE.

  10. PTI is working in KP and its performance is better than the previous government of ANP & PPP in which there were rampant of corruption in the province which is also fruit of democracy. PTI also brought some reforms in health, education and also took initiative to control deforestation and environmental degradation. At federal level PML (N) also working better than previous government of PPP in which there were huge corruptions was taking place and none of our leaders were vocal against corruption when there were actually corruptions taking place in the country. Although there are too much room exists for improvement in case of KP and federal level. At present and in the perspective of Pakistan both federal government and KP governments are doing well and both of government should complete their tenure and contest 2018 election on the basis of their performance. Federal government also took developmental initiatives and up to some extent consolidated economic stability and the system is moving on the right direction. Both of the parties PTI and PML (N) are sincere in their stance about development of the country and there should be competition between the two parties in terms of good governance and deliverance to the people. Both of the parties should work in coordination to bring reforms in Election Commission of Pakistan and National Accountability Bureau so that no controversy arises in case of future election as well as in controlling menace of corruption. If ECP and NAB are developed and emerged as credible bodies then the problem of election rigging and corruption at public level will be controlled. We need political stability which is catalyst of economic growth and stability. As for as possible our army should be depoliticized and there should not be any role of military establishment in political affairs. All the four organs of the state like judiciary, parliament, Executive and Media should work in coordination for protecting national interest of the country. It is extremely unfortunate that a section of our media remain always busy to malign government which must be discouraged. In the previous government of Zardari GEO was busy to create propaganda against government and political leadership and recently ARY channel along with certain anchor persons presenting completely one sided story and biased approach to malign political government. Our print and electronic media should work for promotion of country positive image in the world but in case of Pakistan a section of media completely working on separate agenda and damages country image through one sided story. At present corruption is controlled up to some extent at federal, Punjab and KP level while in case of Sindh and Baluchistan corruption is still in the same pace like previous government. If Imran Khan is vociferous against menace of corruption which is appreciable he should also sensitize people of Sindh against corruption through public gatherings, rallies and public demonstrations. Because at present corruption is at full swing in Sindh and Baluchistan provinces but Khan is silent towards these provinces. Enquiry of panama leaks started in the superior court which is appreciable and all the parties should wait for the judicial enquiry on the issue. Political stability and improvements in democratic culture result if the system is not interrupted and in case of Pakistan all segment of society should work for strengthening democratic culture through inclusive and constructive approaches and vested interests must be sacrificed on national interest that is the way towards developed and prosperous Pakistan.

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