Walk against corruption in Chitral

Chitral — A walk against corruption was held in Chitral arranged by the district administration. Earlier in a gathering on the occasion, District Naib Nazim Molana Abdul Shakoor and Additional Deputy commissioner Abdul Ghaffar said corruption has destroyed the roots of the society and measures must be taken to eradicate it. Interestingly, banners against corruption being displayed were from those government departments which are known as the most corrupt. ADC Abdul Ghaffar expressed annoyance over non participation of various heads of departments.

Corruption is indeed a serious issue and has become almost a norm in the society. A minister from the PPP is on record exclaiming in a TV interview “If there is corruption every where, do we not have right to indulge in corruption?”.

At least corruption is being recognized an evil is a big shift in our thinking because earlier it was a taboo to talk about corruption and those who talked about it were considered naive and stupid. Wing Commander Fardad Ali Shah talking to our correspondent narrated an occasion when he while contesting an election was going around campaigning against corruption and promising to stop it on getting elected, he was snubbed by his senior advisor who advised him to talk about anything but corruption, or else he will not get votes- and it happened so.

Whereas holding a seminar on corruption or taking a walk on it has nothing to do with eliminating corruption per se, it still is symbolic that the provincial government is at least not promoting corruption like all previous govts did, thus deserves appreciation on merit.

What is important is that officials at the top level set personal examples of honesty, and even more important is that clerics be told to narrate the Islamic directives against corruption, repeatedly during every Friday sermon.

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