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  1. Shabash Mr. Nasir Mehmood, you have narated the reality of politics. Your comments are the voice of Chitral. I fully agree with your point of view. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, P.M is very sincere and taking keen interest in development of Chitral particularly. Mr. Imran Khan known as Dharna Khan and his partners will have no chance aat all.

  2. Mr. Nasir Mehmood, Mr. Sultan Wali Khan, me and all people of Chitral should immediately raise hands praying for start and completion of projects announced by PM. These were many times announced before by our MNA and CM Khatak (University). You might agree with me that our MNA presented Chitral issues before PM very clearly and in detail, but response was not to the expectations of the people of Chitral. PM was found silent about some core issues. Might these be provincial issues. PM tested our literacy un-necessarily.

  3. It is indeed a very positive sign for the future of Chitral IF the announced projects are materialized but remain mere political gobbledygook. The ‘IF’ in the opinion of Mr. Nasir Muhammad evaporates ephemeral happiness, attached to the Urdu-centric PM’s largesse. The promises and lofty claims of Nawaz Sharif and his ilk if reprojected with the effect of ‘IF’, today there wouldn’t have been a need to add the prefix ‘if’ with any commitment they make. Every one of us, without an ounce of doubt, wants Chitral to develop, progress and prosper but pinning our hopes to the recently announced projects alone needs a double check. As for these projects being the harbinger of a revolution in Chitral, ‘let’s cross the bridge when it comes’! Among many others, the ‘IF’ remains one of the primary reasons not to be too complacent on lip services paid by our cherished politicians. IF everyone was sincere, today Pakistan would have been a different nation. IF the politicians are followed blindly we might end up with ‘uffs’ and ‘huffs’!

  4. Mr. Liaquat, like you and others, I am very anxious about the major issues of Chitral. As a sincere worker of PMLN, I use to send proposals to Prime Minister’s secretariat from time to time. I will Insha Allah follow up and remind the PM to fulfill the commitments he has made in his address to Chitralians.

    As regards PM’s remarks about literacy, it may be taken lightly as humor and ignored. The Prime Minister should be aware that the literacy rate of Gilgit and Chitral is higher than other districts and provinces.

  5. PM not only make promises like other political leaders he took concrete step in case of Lawari Tunnel project which is at the point of completion. Under present PM government about Rs. 20 billion spent on the project which is a matter of life and dead for the people of Chitral. We the people of Chitral are hopeful that all the announced projects will be completed and there will come revolution of economic development in Chitral. Important fact is that irrespective of any political gain PM took too much interest for development of Chitral which reflect his respect and love for the people of Chitral. At least I can say that God listened pathetic conditions of Chitrali people and send PM Nawaz Sharif as blessing for the helpless people, because after Musharaf no high profile political leader even visited Chitral not to speak of developmental project……At least I can not stop to speak PM Zindabad

  6. PM announced projects will be real game changer in Chitral. It must be taken as blessing from God because in present political set-up non in Pakistan gives importance to development of Chitral and PM Nawaz Sharif did a remarkable job. Well done PM and Well done Nasir for excellent narration of the facts.

  7. Who is this Sultan Wali by the way as we hear his name for the first time. He claims to send proposals to PM Secretariat and also says will follow it. In which capacity is he saying all this? Stop talking nonsense or reveal your identity. PM House is not your courtyard so stay within the limit.

  8. @ Ikhtiar, if you are a regular reader/writer and belong to Chitral, I have already given my identification. I am nothing but a sincere worker of PML-N in Lahore. Even my wife is an office bearer as General Secretary of PML-N, UC-78, Lahore. Now, would you like to identify yourself before giving any comment. Please mind your language, I am an old enough person to be a grandfather.

  9. @Sultan Wali, we appreciate your efforts for development of Chitral. We hope that you have contact with PML (N) and use these relation for early materializations of these projects announced by PM in his visit to Chitral. Please do not mind of the language which is used by people who are narrow minded and they have personal dislike of PM Nawaz Sharif on the basis of vendetta. People of Chitral expect your contribution for early completion of these projects which will really bring peace and prosperity in Chitral. We have high regard for the PM and hope that he will do more good for development of Chitral and PKistan. Especially PM commitment in case of lawari Tunnel project is matchless and exemplary. By using your good office please also communicate PM that people of Chitral are highly grateful to PM for his interest in development of Chitral and do not mind of the paper tigers who are spreading despondency and negative propaganda in social media on the basis of their imminent defeat in the coming election because KP govt completely failed in case of delivery to the electorate and it will be defeated not only in KP but in other parts of Pakistan due to its agitational politics and people of Pakistan are fed up with these dharna politics and they want delivery on the ground.

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