Telenor extends service to Chitral’s far north

BANG: A mobile phone tower installed at Kand village near Shoosht was made operational after which about seven more villages in the Yarkhun valley got the facility of phone service for the first time.

The villages added to the list of Telenor subscribers include Unauch, Dubargar, Kand, Shoots, Kankhon and Yarkhun Lasht.

More towers are being installed in different villages including Karimabad (Mahtingo Dok), Meragram etc after which the whole valley of Yarkhun would be covered by mobile phone service.

It may be noted that during the tenure of Pervez Musharraf the federal government signed an agreement binding all mobile phone service providers to cover at least 80 per cent of rural areas of the country by 2010.

However, the target is yet to be achieved by the companies. Talking to this correspondent after the launch of the phone service, some people of Yarkhun Lasht thanked MNA Shahzada Iftikhar Uddin for the facility in the far-off area. — Abdul Naser Khan via Chitral Today

3 thoughts on “Telenor extends service to Chitral’s far north

  1. Telenor should should start 3G service in Chitral. Warid has started LTE service in Chitral town but the coverage is very limited and it is expensive. 3G service with wide coverage is very much needed in Chitral.

  2. You are insisting your comment should be published by the editor, but are not willing to disclose your identity (kia ye khula tazaad nehi hai)

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