Tehsil Nazim inaugurates TMA transport station

Chitral — Tehsil Nazim Chitral Molana Ilyas along with members of the Tehsil council formally innaugurated the TMA transport Adda at the Ataliq chowk, Chitral town. In his address the Nazim said it was a long standing demand of the people to formally declare this already existing adda as official TMA adda so that full fledged facilities can be extended to the travelers. He thanked Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah for being generous to segregate precious land for transport usage purposes.

Ex President Chitral press club Muhkamuddin presented words of welcome and thanks. The owner Wg Cdr (r) Fardad Ali Shah congratulated the participants and the people in general for the fulfillment of their heart’s desire and thanked the tehsil nazim, members of the Tehsil council and the TMO for actualising people’s demand. He also thanked the Deputy commissioner and District administration for showing active interest in this matter. He said the Adda is larger than official Addas in Dir, Timergira, Mardan, Swat, Charsadda etc in terms of area and already is providing facilities which are not provided elsewhere like a spacious segregated ladies waiting room etc, but nevertheless promised to further improve facilities to make it a model transport station.

He said if Administration and elected representatives have good intentions, halve the problems are solved. Those who spoke on the occasion included Tehsil Naib Nazim Khan Hayatullah Khan, President Traders union Habib Hussain Mughal, Chairman Taxation commitee Abdul Haq, Secy Driver union Muhyuddin, prominent Public figure Jandullah Khan amongst others. Sweets were distributed amongst the participants at the end of the ceremony. — CN report. Photos by Muhkamuddin)


One thought on “Tehsil Nazim inaugurates TMA transport station

  1. Good intentions on the part of the Administrators/leaders/powers that matter, is by itself half the solution of a problem. Instead of crying about lack of funds the Administration should make best use of what is available. Everything does not cost money. Goodwill and honest intentions can lead to the solution of many a problem.

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