Suggestion for a new system of governance in Pakistan

Systems of government in practice do not come from heaven; they are man made and thus always are subject to modification and alteration according to the requirements of the time.

As democracy and dictatorship have both been alternately tested in Pakistan time and again without positive results, a new system of governance is what is needed to be tried out.

According to the new system politics should be put aside for some time and Government appointments including President, Prime minister, Governors, Ministers , etc should be appointed on merit. Now the key question is who will decide the merit. The answer is: Let the machine do it as it will be fair and square!

According to my proposal, advertisements should be floated for the posts of president, prime-minister, governors ministers, etc and any Pakistani who meets the basic laid down qualifications in the constitution should be eligible to to apply for it.

Tests, formulated by world experts, supervised by the UN, should be conducted on the internet. The tests should be exhaustive and include every requirement for the job. It should also include psychological tests to check the elements of human values ie honesty, integrity, dedication etc.

The results of these tests will give us the most suitable persons for the job. Why is bureaucracy in our country always getting the better of politicians is because the former is a product of some kind of a process (though far from being ideal) of selection on merit.

Politicians making the government in the present system do not have to be capable. What we have experienced thus far is that they are either incapable or are too much entangled in the trivial and (mostly personal) demands of their ‘supporters’ and henchmen, to take Collective, bold, independent and healthy decisions in the interest of the country or their respective constituency. This is the root cause of our problems and has never been paid attention to.

Capable people selected on merit after thorough grilling through elaborate tests would do wonders to the country which is not poor in resources, but has been grossly mismanaged all the time.

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