Premature floods visit Chitral

Chitral– The usual season for floods in the mountain streams of Chitral is from mid July to mid August, but this year floods have started in the nullahs right from early May, which shows global warming a reality and glacial regions as most effected.

Flood in Bang area of Yarkhun valley have hit and damaged three houses and standing crops. Likewise bridges in Droshp Garam Chashma and Dubazh Bumburet valley have been badly damaged and part of road washed away in the later mentioned, at a time when Kalash spring festival is underway and tourists expected to visit the area for the closing ceremony. Similarly Floods have damaged roads in Torkhow valley and other places.

Meanwhile Flood and earthquake affectees of upper Chitral have criticised the district administration for not attending to their problems and instead wasting money and time on unnecessary pursuits to divert attention of the people from the real problems.

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