All parties meeting decides to welcome PM collectively

Chitral — An all parties meeting was held in Chitral where District Nazim, MNA,Tehsil Nazim and representatives from different political parties were present. It was decided all partiesthat due to being prime minister of the country all would collectively welcome him irrespective of party affiliation. Later on two committees were formed one headed by the MNA and the other headed by the Tehsil Nazim to look into the arrangements for the prime ministers visit due on 07 September. — CN report, 05 Sep 2016

3 thoughts on “All parties meeting decides to welcome PM collectively

  1. Shabaash ghayoor Chitralio, keep up your good traditions. Respect all those who are in power and forget those who are out of power. After all ” kaa ki ma zhuro awai ma jamaar, kaa ki ma mulko gantai ma mitaar” is your traditional motto… And yes, don’t forget to lift the begging bowl as high as you can and call it pragmatism!.

  2. All the political parties should collectively welcome PM in Chitral, as he took too much interest for development of Chitral irrespective of having any seat or vote bank in the district. After Pervez Musharaf Chitral has been totally neglected during PPP govt and even lawari tunnel funds were diverted to Multan and it remained incomplete. We must be grateful to PM Nawz Sharif that he re-started work on lawari tunnel project which is a matter of life and dead for Chitral. Besides this large number of other projects were also in the pipeline which were granted by PM through federal government. Our own CM is not taking interest in Chitral and we must look towards Nawz Sharif as good option for future. If we elected PML (N) nominee from Chitral seat in future he will take more interest in development of Chitral. We must be pragmatic and realistic.

  3. Well, It is a matter of great pleasure for all of us belonging to Chitral that the PM Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, despite his many engagements, decided to visit Chitral. I would like to appreciate Engr. Ameer Muqam who arranged for the PM’s visit. We Chitralis have a different culture and tradition. We are known for our hospitality and peace loving people. During the visit of PM, we ought to demonstrate our patriotic enthuesm and represent ourselves as disciplined people.
    It is further added that Mian Nawaz Sharif and his family love Chitrali people because they are considered to be trustful and reliable. This is the reason most of the personal employees of Mian family are Chitralis.

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