One Global Army for the world – 3

A naive idea of trust in those who are responsible for making weapons (both conventional and non-conventional) and then create markets for them! Our white masters know well where, how and where to market them. UNO was created to safeguard America’s interest; if not, what effective role it played in preventing conflicts in the world. Where was its role when America attacked Iraq on the pretext of eliminating weapons of mass destruction, and no weapons were found after crushing Iraq!

As for Alqaida, is it an action or reaction? And if reaction, to what? To the establishment of Israel as a powerful state to counter any Muslim uprising. And Talibaan, who created them? America created them to counter Russian expansion.
Every sane person knows that there are two fundamental issues (Palestine and Kashmir) and there would be no major conflict in Asia if the above issues were resolved. However, the think tank of America knows that they would lose their markets. That is why they want to keep the fire flaming.

We should know that the teachers of the so called civilized world are responsible for inventing atom bomb, and this horrible invention points to the negative energy in their psyche. They teach us rationality; is it rational to invent a destructive weapon like atom bomb? If not, they are the founders of terrorism. They say one thing and practice something else. Their books teach us not to use racist language but the very name of their political centre is “White House,” an expression charged with racism. This little example is enough to show the duality in what they preach and what they practice.

What is the solution? If the nations of Europe unite themselves in the name of something material (Euro), we can also unite ourselves in the name of Allah for peace and prosperity in the world. If they create NATO to defend their territories, we can also organize ourselves against any foreign invasion. If a handful lesbians/homos claim for rights, millions of Muslims do deserve the right to follow the dynamics/mechanics of their religion. Both capitalism and socialism, the two dominant modes of public management , point to two diverging extremes in terms of individual versus state respectively, and the middle path is Islam, which neither allows the individual to disrupt social values and political stability nor the state to usurp the basic rights of an individual.

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