Novel AGM meeting held in Garam Chashma NGO

Chitral — Garam Chashma Development Organization (GADO), a local support organization sponsored by AKRSP held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) here today. Since its inception in 1998 and registration in 2007 it has held only one proper AGM in 2010, while others were either skipped or held at cluster level separately in violation of its own by-laws as it suited nomination of cohorts as directors of the LSO.

The AGM of today lacked proper representation of village and women organizations, who are genuine members of AGM and instead irrelevant political figures were invited, prompting the members of Shoghor UC led by veteran social activist, Amir Hazar to walk out from the meeting in protest. The outsider political figures had probably been invited to pre-empt criticism of the present self-appointed LSO leadership and abort real issues. Local stakeholders have now demanded reimbursement of their registration fee and share in the Endowment Fund of GADO. They have already formed their own LSO by the name of Pamir Area Integrated Development Organization (PAIDO) after having failed to force legal compliance and transparency in GADO.

Interestingly the circular for the meeting contained no agenda which was the legal requirement. The standard AGM would discuss audit report, annual progress report and elect new BOD, as the tenure of the present AGM expired two months ago. The circular did not mention appointment of Manager, which remains vacant for the past three years and a defunct project employee has been made to officiate as Manager because it suits the BOD agenda.

The composition of the present AGM has removed all the pretention of impartiality and firmly puts it in political arena. Ironically it all happened just in front of AKRSP representatives who did exhort the AGM to take legally correct decisions but the advices were contemptuously ignored and AKRSP representatives had to cut sorry figure. Hopefully their eyes would now open up and compel AKRSP to become proactive and intrusive to force legal correction in its LSO. Enough is enough. AKRSP should not allow few unscrupulous elements to take it for a ride. It must aggressively guard its image and that of His Highness by reigning in the runaway LSO. The Company law provides for the appointment of Administrator to clean up the LSO by making recoveries and then call AGM to elect directors and hand over power to them. It is time that this option may be taken up for consideration to salvage whatever is left of GADO and restore the rightful image of AKRSP. It is not fair on part of AKRSP to shift responsibility or blame on to DCCN which is toothless and largely dysfunctional-more part of the problem than solution. — Islamuddin, 03 Oct 2016

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  1. Being a goodwill Ambassador, Journalist, researcher and social activist it is my prime responsibility to show the real on ground happening to the community at large. I am standing very neutral and based real ethics of society. My objectives are very clear. Meritocracy must be implemented as it is. It was 2012, I started networking to form an ICT Trust which help the ultra poor borderland communities in the harsh mountains of Hindukush.

    While in my vacation at my hometown Garam Chashma, Chitral I met Mr. Islamuddin former bureaucrat now a days leading Pamir Publish School and College Garam Chashma and Parabeg as Principal and Pamir Institute if Emerging Technologies as Founder. He also oversees the AKHSP and Government partnership Hospital in Garam Chashma as Chairman. Federal Ombudsman Concept developer he wrote a book titled as “Federal Ombudsman Idea”. Mostly people in Chitral take him as a top intellectual.

    I introduced myself to him and I was taking ahead with an Idea to shift the existing Pamir Degree College to University of Pamir and the thing behind the scene was this person will lead a successful campaign to establish a University for the poverty struck and land locked region.

    I was very happy, I met the right man. Realizing my media association he stressed me to highlight the existing situation in AKRSP developed LSOs and his focus was Garam Chashma Development Organization (GADO). Later I went through the issue and the Chairman of GADO lost his government job due to his illegal appointment as officer bearer in SECP registered Not-for-Profit entity. Mr. Islamuddin was right that until and unless the change cannot came from the grass root the upper change in just a face change not the realities in the development cause. I will discuss the issues related to government and AKDN development phenomena later on in my open letter to the good offices of His Highness The Aga Khan, Founder / Chairman AKDN and Prime Minister and Chief Minister Office.

    But today the issue I am facing is Pamir Education Society ventures in Garam Chashma being completely hijacked by vested interest groups. I want to highlight it in the personal happening occurred with me during the last few years during my interaction with Mr. Islamuddin.

    A year before from now he appointed me as Grant Raising Representative of Pamir Institute of Emerging Technologies. During the meeting the told that he will develop the TORs like I will get 40 percent of the total amount I am generating to fund the institute. I told him that this is illegal. Only 15 % is legally allowed as management or marketing commission so I regretted this offer and later on he never issue the TORs of my appointment. Here I started thinking that man cannot be my ideal leader.

    However, I went back to Islamabad. There, one day I went to Baitulmal and requested to support the Institute through funding the fee and transportation of poor students in Garam Chashma. I submitted my proposal and the management issued a form to fill up for the Grant. I sent the grant form to Mr. Islamuddin and after few days he regretted to fill it saying that the one term is “The applicant organization must attach three years audit reports” and Pamir Educational Society does not having any.

    For a while, I was out of control but I went to take a break before this amazing discovery. The man who always criticized government, donors and every other organization, his own organization never been annually audited even from last one decade.

    So, though this note I am requesting the government monitoring agencies to open the accounts of Pamir Public School and College Garam Chashma/Parabeg. This institute must first be properly audited then the audit report must be made public.

    During the launching ceremony of E-Pakistan/E-Chitral in district council the UC Nazim of Garam Chashma was very exited to support the initiative and he asked to make a gather so that he will announce the grant from UC Budget for the Pamir Insitute of Emerging Technologies. And later he came there but Mr. Islamuddin boycotts the event with his entire administration and later on tells me that he regretted the grant given by UC Nazim. Because he personally do not likes the UC Nazim or Politically he is not able to host other political party support. Why all this. Is not Pamir turned into political club based on personal likes and dislikes.

    It is for public awareness that Pamir Institute of Emerging Technologies is an institution without any recognized registration. They are issuing not recognized degrees. This amazing revelation has also been made by Mr. Islamuddin that his institute which offered above 100 CIT and DIT programs degrees are not recognized anywhere.

    Mr. Islamuddin is Principal of a top educational institute where above 1000 students getting degrees every year. As per his job portfolio he must remain a principal. Every other day he is reporting against government, donors, civil society organizations. This is against his job description. This creates groups against the Institute and his opponrnts creating controversies against the future of an education organization And that put it in high risk.

    I will advise him to resign and join politics or journalism to become a reformer or anything like that.

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