Improvement of Education system

Pakistani Nation is going through very difficult times in it’s chequered history. Pak army is at war with militant Taliban in the north west of the country. It is believed that there is existential threat to the mother land. Unfortunately extremism is perpetrated in the name of Islam. We must defeat extremism through multi pronged strategy which has damaged the image of Islam throughout the world. Islam stands for peace and tolerance. There is no room for extremism and bigotry.

We have to rebuild our society on sound basis through sound education so that the dream of prosperous, progressive and forward looking Pakistan is realized. I think, sound education is the best antidote to the evils inflicting Pakistan.

New education policy for 2009 is available at the website of ministry of education for Pakistan. The particular policy vision formulated by the ministry of education is education is a categorical imperative for individual, social and natural development .the system should produce responsible enlightened citizens to integrate Pakistan in the global framework of humane centered economic development. The implementation of education policy is a huge task, and it is the area which does not caters to the needs.

The implementation of the policy vision should start right from the class room from where the future generation of the nation is trained and taught citizen ship. it should be non discriminative and democratic. Students should be treated as an individual and not as group of persons. Individuality of everyone should be appreciated and progress should be built on the strengths of the students and weaker areas should be dealt with affection, tolerance and positive reinforcement, student will carry these qualities to practical life .the basic objective of education should be lifting of fear from student’s mind so that creativity is not crushed. Aristotle says ‘knowledge is virtue’ through sound education and learning individual imbibes virtue and gets opportunity to re engineer himself/herself which has become a pre requisite for survival in the global village.

All of us should contribute something for the better future of Pakistan. An American president told his peoples at his inauguration ceremony ‘ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’. For every Pakistani there is precious little choice left.

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