Living beyond means, cause of problems

Chitral — Spending lavishly and in many cases beyond means on the occasion of Eid has been a tradition with Chitralis. Although those who cannot afford do not insist on sacrificing animals and in this context there is not much to be mentioned, but the Eid debt1shopping specially for ladies and Children is overdone on every Eid.
Some shopkeepers dealing in ladies and children clothes and shoes say they sell more in the week preceding Eids than the rest of the year put together. In the process many people specially the salaried class do the shopping on credit and then are trapped for a long time trying to balance their budget catering for the extra  expenditures carried out on Eid. The religious preachers do not preach against wastage and overspending which is forbidden in Islam, and so the practice goes on, Eid after Eid. — CN report, 16 Sep 2016

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