Delay in completion of Lowari tunnel ill intended

Chitral –Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in his address at the polo ground Chitral announced that Lowari tunnel would be inaugurated in June 2017. Earlier he had announced that the tunnel would inaugurated in December 2016 come what may? Then it was announced that it would be inaugurated in March 2017 and now he gave us the ‘good news’ that Lowari tunnel would be inaugurated in June 2017. The unexplained delay despite no dearth of funds, clearly seems to be based on foul intentions.

Elections 2018 are the reason for delaying Lowari tunnel opening as PM wants to open it as close to the elections as possible, other wise there is no earthly reason that in three and half years of his government when already 70 percent work had been completed, the Lowari tunnel still lingers on like a lame duck.

Atta Abad lake tunnel in Hunza which is of the same length as the Lowari tunnel was completed from scratch to finish in three years and Lowari tunnel which the PM says was started in 1955 is still dragging on. Why? There is no earthly reason other than that our political leaders have not been sincere in building the tunnel and Nawaz Sharif knows this well.

The people of Chitral appeal to the prime minister to stand by his words and order the completion of the tunnel by 31 December which is as possible as Chitralis understanding Urdu. Ref to the Prime ministers promise is mentioned here ? ?— CN report, 07 Sep 2016

7 thoughts on “Delay in completion of Lowari tunnel ill intended

  1. Total development budget of kpk is 100 billion whereas Prime minister promised projects worth 50 billion only for one district chitral. Prime minister will not be able to fulfill these promises. It is his 8th year in government and the only time there was any activity in lowari tunnel was in Musharaf’s era. This is the third time since last year he has delayed the date of opening of already constructed lowari tunnel.

  2. PM says lowari tunnel was started in 1955. He became Prime minister three times after that. Why did he not ever mention lowari tunnel in his previous tenures, except once in Quetta public meeting in a derogatory manner. Now that Musharraf started and half completed it, he want’s to take the credit. Instead of saying I’m sorry i could not fulfill my promise of completing the tunnel in Dec 2016, he says “congratulations the tunnel will be ready in June 2017”, and our leaders and people alike clap instead of booing him for delaying the tunnel. Nawaz Sharif knows that Chitrali people including leaders are spineless and virtual beggars, therefore he throws money at us but does not take us seriously.

  3. The big, big question is “Who will ring the bell”? Why don’t you people raise the issue on the face of him at the time of speech or announcement he is making in a public gathering? The matter of fact is that all of us are concealing our inner ambitions and do not express our transient desires until the instances we fail to achieve the goal we have attached to a particular leader or personality. Most of our expediencies, during the election era are fastened to the personalities instead of being based on principles or on merit. Unless, we curb our individual appetencies and transform them into collective cause, we will remain with the same character (s) as is being displayed and face remain subservient to the insulting leaders like Nawaz Sharif and company (by company I mean the right wing party leaders).

  4. Swat motorway is being completed in Dec 2017 and Lowari tunnel in June 2017. Swat motorway is 81 km long and has two tunnels of 2 km each. It has 9 interchanges, bridges etc. It only started from scratch two months back. Lowari tunnel was 70 percent percent complete three years ago and since three years work is going on unhindered and fully funded. Why then this dichotomy. Our public representatives both parliamentarians and Nazims should be ashamed of themselves for accepting this nonsense.

  5. Please do not talk about Swat Motor Way, just speak about Chitral By-pass road and progress on the work since KP sitting govt took charge of the office. We also visited Lwari Tunnel these days and work on the project is at full swing but work on By-pass road is almost stopped. Why are we silent on this project? Which is also vital and people of Chitral face serious problem due non completion of the work on the project for long time period.

  6. Road network inside Chitral town area is in dilapidated condition, especially if you visit Jughore Bazar at TMO office point you will find number of ditches and holes on the road and driving on this particular area become too much risky as well as difficult. However we are silent on these issues and our KP government and especially the so called local government is in statuesque. Not single project has been started in Chitral for the last three years and existing projects are also incomplete but we have directed our critics towards federal government, although federal government expressed its keen interest for Chitral and speedy work on lawari tunnel is its example. Our own provincial government is almost indifferent towards basic issues of Chitral and we are also silent on the attitude of our provincial government least interest in the matter of Chitral.

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