Curb on migratory duck shooting appreciated

duckChitral — The people of Chitral by and large, except those few who are addicted to duck shooting, have appreciated steps taken by Deputy Commissioner Chitral to impose section 144 and prevent the construction of artificial lakes on river banks which are used to lure in migratory ducks through decoys etc and these ducks are killed mercilessly. Speaking to CN, an elderly person said hunting was allowed in Islam as a source of food for survival and it was then carried out with simple and primitive hunting weapons. Massacring migratory birds with sophisticated weapons just for the pleasure of it is pure sadism and a very un-Islamic act, he said. Some individuals are playing a positive and active role in raising awareness about cruelty to migratory birds and Rehmat Jaffar Dost is a prominent one of them. — CN report, 06 Oct 2016
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4 thoughts on “Curb on migratory duck shooting appreciated

  1. The decision of Deputy Commissioner, Chitral to impose section 144 to ban on temporary ponds on the river side is much appreciated. Now, the District Administration of Chitral is responsible to implement the law to ensure strict compliance in letter and spirit. The crazy hunters of innocent birds are merciless and therefore need no relaxation in any way.

  2. great decision ..bravo DC Chitral for supporting echo system in Chitral…peaceful masses as well as the birds will keep praying for you happiness and long life…you are supporting the nature and nature will reward you the best….in this world and hereafter…thank you for making the history….
    live long…God bless you

  3. DC decisions is highly appreciated. It must be extend to all hunting points of Chitral, like Junalikoch, Jinjirate, Jutilasht, torkhow, Mulkhow and Bumbagh and Mastuj plus other areas. All the river beds are govt properties under 1975 notification and there should be bane on hunting in all these river beds. DC chitral should ensure the bane for good.

  4. “Hunting is not sport- In a sport both sides should know they are in the game”-Paul Rodriguez
    God judges a person by how one treats those who cannot do anything for him/her.
    Killing harmless animals for pleasure is one heinous legacy of human wickedness. In this age of enlightenment and abundance, we must do away with such sinister ways.

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